Care home enquiries: Top sources revealed in infographic

Where do most care home enquiries come from – and what are customers searching for? We’ve published some new research in a useful infographic which provides answers that may surprise you, with Google My Business emerging as a star performer.

The insights are essential reading for care home marketers looking to optimise their spend, connect with customers and maximise occupancy.

Mediahawk care home inbound calls infographic.

“This research underlines the critical importance of every care home’s Google profile. Fortunately, there are ways to sharpen up your brand’s performance here, and see a positive impact on your enquiries,” says Harry Bott, Director at Mediahawk.

For more ideas and practical help, take a look at How care homes use Google My Business to boost enquiries and fill beds. You can also get in touch with our helpful team to find out more.

About the author - Natalia Selby

Marketing Executive at Mediahawk, with 20 years experience in analytics and content management.

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