Call tracking API basics

From clicks to calls, businesses are struggling to take the vast amount of data they have access to and turn it into meaningful insight.

Data drives everything, from campaign management and direct marketing to customer insight and business decision-making. Integrating telephone data to your metrics strengthens the quality of your data across the whole customer journey: Calls are immediately pulled in to your existing software – making your job much easier.

Powerful, efficient, seamless

Integrating your applications provides you with crucial intelligence into the entire customer journey – online and offline. The data generates meaningful insights enabling you to quickly adapt your strategy, ensuring that your messages and communication channels remain relevant and your audience responsive.

To put it simply: Suppose you use call tracking software with a lead management system and online analytics. Individually, they provide you with a vast amount of data. Combined, they become far more powerful marketing tools.

Imagine this scenario: Bob performs a Google search for your product and sees your PPC ad on the results page. He doesn’t click on the link – instead, he calls the number that appears on the ad. A record is automatically created in your lead management system, the source is attributed to PPC and the keyword that Bob used is also saved in his profile. This record contains every instance of communication with Bob, and you can see exactly how he has interacted with your campaigns. You can see what kind of content he responds to and what doesn’t work.

This granular level of data will send your ROI through the roof!

Real-time data in one place

The Mediahawk API allows you to pull your call data straight into other applications you use. The data you can receive includes:

  • A unique call ID
  • Service number
  • Callers’ telephone number
  • Date and time of the call
  • Source, medium and keyword
  • Data can be limited by date and campaign ID

If you have a custom-built reporting or lead management system, the call data can be imported and matched against the caller’s telephone number in your system. This allows you to attribute the lead or sale directly to the original source and keyword of the call.

Once the initial API setup is complete, the process is completely automated. The data is pulled automatically and can be refreshed every minute. This means that as soon as the call hits your Mediahawk account it’s imported it into your own system, providing you with real-time information.

What is an API?

API stands for ‘Application Programming Interface’. It is a way for one system to move data into another without manual intervention, allowing the sharing of information. API’s allow developers to write code to pull data into their own systems, or send data into others, giving you the ability to view significantly more data in a way that’s much more efficient and convenient.

The technical bit

The API is implemented using SOAP 1.1 and is usable with any programming toolkit that supports SOAP. We also provide FTP access and this can be set up really easily. Full details are available here: How to Integrate Call Tracking Data and Improve the Quality of Your Leads

Getting started

You might be reading this trying to gain a better understanding of what an API is and how it can benefit your business. Get in touch with us and we’ll take you through the uses and how to get set up.

About the author

Author: Natalia Selby

Marketing coordinator at Mediahawk, with over 10 years experience in analytics, content management and eCommerce.

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