Advantages of strategic technology partnerships for GDPR compliance

For technology businesses like directories, marketplaces, marketing automation tools, and other SaaS (Software as a Service) firms, staying ahead of the curve demands a delicate balance between innovation and compliance.

That’s where Mediahawk comes in, helping tech companies follow the rules when it comes to using call tracking data in services such as directories, and products like marketing analytics tools.

In this article we’ll explore how SaaS companies and Mediahawk work together, making sure data remains safe and secure, and communicating openly with customers.

How SaaS businesses and directories can boost their platform and ensure GDPR compliance

A study by Harvard Business Review showed that tech companies that focused on using tightly integrated services from closely connected suppliers had a harder time with GDPR. On the other hand, companies that tried new combinations of technologies that hadn’t been widely used before did a better job of following the rules.

Continuing to rely on tightly integrated technologies can become an obstacle as far as innovation and GDPR are concerned. A strategic technology partnership with Mediahawk offers more than just compliance benefits:

Educational initiatives: Informative content that explains the value of call tracking data. Simplify how call and customer journey insights from Mediahawk will personalise experiences, enrich the existing technology stack, and improve return on investment. This content bridges the gap between technical intricacies and customer understanding.

Combined expertise: Collaborative partnerships bring together the knowledge of SaaS providers, data processors, and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) experts. This collective intelligence helps create data-sharing agreements that adhere to GDPR requirements but are still able to nurture innovation.

Reduced legal risks: Strategic partners work together to identify and address compliance challenges, reducing the risk of penalties and legal issues related to GDPR non-compliance.

Streamlined compliance: These partnerships speed up the process of creating GDPR-compliant data-sharing agreements by sharing best practices, saving time and resources.

The partnership between SaaS companies and Mediahawk shows how working together in the tech space can make sure everyone follows the rules, keeps coming up with new ideas, and earns trust from customers. This collaboration, made even stronger by following GDPR regulations, pushes businesses toward a future where data is safe, open, and helps them grow smoothly.

Building trust through transparent data practices

As customers, we all want to know what our data is being used for, and we’re looking for reassurance that it will remain secure. Explaining what data you’re capturing, how you’re tracking it, and why you’re using it, is key to boosting confidence among consumers.

  1. Be transparent. Tell them how their data helps you tailor offers, services, and even how it helps things run smoothly behind the scenes.
  2. Get consent. Lay out your intentions for call tracking data, explaining how it’s going to be used and why. Keep it simple with an easy ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ option for customers to consent to.
  3. Have a clear privacy policy. Make it easy to find and understand. Break down the data types you’re collecting, how you’re collecting it, and why it matters. Make sure to keep it up to date, and add the revision date to be even more transparent.
  4. Be responsive. Customers may have questions, and delivering speedy support provides another layer of reassurance. Make sure your customer facing teams are informed and can answer any questions.


In an evolving landscape of data privacy and GDPR compliance, strategic partnerships hold the key to transparency and trust, and ensures that the entire ecosystem adheres to best practices – benefiting partners and customers alike. By effectively communicating data usage, obtaining consent, and providing customers with control over their data, technology partners pave the way for a more transparent and customer-centric approach to marketing analytics data.

About the author - Natalia Selby

Marketing Executive at Mediahawk, with 20 years experience in analytics and content management.

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