Key trends in 2023 for the automotive industry

Be the first to discover the latest marketing trends for the automotive industry, from our exclusive report due out on the same day. Join us as we unpack the data and help you understand how to leverage this insight to optimise your marketing strategy and increase sales.


Tuesday, 18 April 2023
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What you'll learn

Top trends shaping the automotive industry in 2023

Mediahawk’s new and exclusive report is launching on 18 April, so you’ll be the first to know the latest marketing trends in the automotive industry.

This webinar is for marketers working in the sector looking to understand the direction of travel for their strategy, and how to leverage data to improve marketing performance and increase leads and sales.

Highlights include:

  • Where the sector is seeing increasing demand
  • The marketing sources driving phone call enquiries that you need to prioritise
  • How Autotrader contributes to lead generation

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