Partner Marketing: Helping you promote your business

Mediahawk’s Partner Marketing services are especially designed to help businesses like yours, to grow your client base. It’s one of the many benefits of our Technology Partner Programme.

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What's included in Mediahawk's Partner Marketing service

Partner directory

Feature in our online partner directory – benefit from increased exposure to our audience of marketers and attract more business.

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Guest blogging

Write guest blogs on our site and we’ll link to your website, promote your blog on our social channels, and feature it on our email newsletter to over 22,000 marketers.

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Collaborate with us on joint webinars.

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Partner badge

Use our Partner badge on your website and in your marketing materials to demonstrate your expertise in call tracking and differentiate your business.

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Benefits of Mediahawk's Technology Partner Programme

Be more attractive to clients and increase revenue; Here are five ways Mediahawk enhances your technology and helps your clients do more.

  • Identify the value of calls. With Mediahawk integrated into your technology, your clients will be able to see the true value of every phone call, and which channels they came from.
  • Visualise the customer journey. Your clients can see every touchpoint in the customer journey and understand which paths lead to an enquiry and sale and which don’t.
  • Provide a complete picture of ROI. Using Mediahawk, your clients can achieve 100% marketing attribution across every channel, and prove the true return on investment of their efforts.
  • See live call data. Your clients can instantly see real-time in-call data about the customer the moment the phone rings, helping them tailor responses to the customer’s needs.
  • Offer an in-house telecoms solution without the hassle of building your own infrastructure. With trackable telephone numbers and advanced call handling tools, you can provide your clients with an in-house telecoms solution, making your technology an even more integral part of their tech stack.

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