Building seamless sales processes for Platinum Wave Campers

When Platinum Wave Campers needed to improve sales processes, automate phone call data entry and better understand where leads are coming from, they turned to Mediahawk – and discovered a host of other business benefits, too.

Platinum Wave Campers is a luxury Volkswagen camper van dealer and conversion specialist, based at Hampton in Arden. Through their sales and marketing team, they help customers buy ready-converted campervans or choose a custom-build to meet their own exact requirements.

Working closely with business consultants Chrysalis Partners, Platinum Wave Campers decided it was time to upgrade their CRM system, which had become outdated and was hampering sales and marketing efforts.

Platinum Wave Campers

The challenge

Bridging the gap between phone call and CRM

Kevin Robinson at Chrysalis Partners picks up the story: “The team needed a way to get customer data into their CRM quickly and easily. Their process at the time was to take pen-and-paper notes during sales calls then manually input everything into the CRM later on. It was slow and error-prone, so a much slicker, easier-to-manage system was definitely needed.”

Platinum Wave Campers was already a Mediahawk client, but Kevin was quick to realise the call tracking and marketing attribution software could be the answer to their challenge.

“I could see an immediate benefit for the team, in that Mediahawk can integrate with CRM systems and allow call handlers to input caller data into the CRM in real-time.”

The solution

Call tracking integration

Kevin got in touch with Mediahawk and after briefing the project, immediate progress was made.

“Murray, Head of Development, and Colin, Head of Client Services at Mediahawk were fantastic and suggested a great solution which used Mediahawk’s webhooks and Zapier to connect the software with Platinum Wave Campers’ new CRM. We did extensive testing and found the solution worked really well.”

Having given Platinum Wave Campers’ sales team an automated way to get customer data into the CRM, the benefits came thick and fast.

The results

Efficiency improvements and clear ROI

“First off, they no longer have to write things down during a call,” enthuses Kevin. “As soon as the team pick up the phone, a record appears in the CRM ready for data input. Then all the information the team records during the call goes straight into the CRM.

“Repeat caller details are all searchable, too. So, the team can access a history of each caller’s conversations really quickly and easily.”

On the business benefits of this, Kevin is quick to comment: “On the sales process side, it means the team can spend much more time following up on new business leads and processing opportunities, rather than doing manual data entry. It’s a massive labour-saving and time-saving solution.”

He adds: “Another huge benefit is that now Platinum Wave Campers can measure – with full accuracy – exactly what the ROI is of their ad campaigns and other marketing efforts. They can see which phone calls and campaigns went on to become a sale.”

“Platinum Wave Campers are also using the call data they’re capturing for call handling optimisation purposes. It means they can streamline the sales process and provide a better customer experience for improved returns.”

On his relationship with Mediahawk, Kevin says: “Working with Mediahawk on this project was a very positive experience. The support we received from the Mediahawk team was invaluable – they were responsive and helpful at every step.”

“Platinum Wave Campers can measure – with full accuracy – exactly what the ROI is of their ad campaigns and other marketing efforts. They can see which phone calls and campaigns went on to become a sale.”

Kevin Robinson, Chrysalis Partners (Business consultants to Platinum Wave Campers)

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