Richer marketing data with pre-defined dashboards for power users

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Mediahawk features several pre-defined dashboards that have been created to give you an array of key insights into your marketing performance.

Every user has different needs when it comes to evaluating and analysing their Mediahawk data. Generating clear and fully personalised reports within seconds is easy. Monitor operational performance, understand trends, demonstrate ROI, and support your marketing decisions. The dashboards include:

  • PPC performance: Analyse your paid search spend, conversions, and keywords.
  • Operations: Real time operational information on call volumes, answered vs unanswered calls, and call length.
  • Outbound call activity: Track the efficiency of your team by monitoring outbound calls by day and by agent, average call length, and the effectiveness of calls.
  • User behaviour: See how your visitors convert, what sources influence calls, and the proportion of calls made while users are in-visit.

One place to monitor everything

Instant access to your data and marketing response is very powerful. It gives you the information you need make better decisions and allows you to correct course instantly if you need to.

A client recently explained how their PPC dashboard allowed his team to see that one of their ad campaigns had experienced an increase in ad spend, but a drop in calls. They paused the ad, identified the reason for the sudden change, made some tweaks to their landing page, and re-started the ad campaign. Without instant access to their PPC performance, they wouldn’t have picked up on this so quickly, and would have wasted money and time.

PPC Dashboard.

Get a quick snapshot of where you stand in relation to your goals, assess your progress, and take action quickly if it looks like you’re not going to hit the target.

Your dashboards are also completely flexible and customisable:

  • Change the date range you want to look at
  • Add or change the reporting widgets to suit your business needs
  • Share your dashboards with other Mediahawk users in your business
  • Save your dashboards as a PDF
  • Schedule dashboards to be emailed to yourself or others as a one-off report or on a regular basis

Your marketing activities are many and varied

From lead generation campaigns to video marketing, brand awareness and more, you’re always juggling a number of initiatives.

Keep tabs on your budgets and campaigns wherever you are with access on laptops, tablets, or mobile devices.

Tracking and reporting on the effectiveness of your advertising is not always as simple as it seems. Your time is much better spent actually doing your marketing, rather than reporting on it. Being able to share up to date data, and the most important results and insights quickly and easily is a real time saver for meetings and presentations.

Let us know how you’re monitoring your marketing team’s performance

About the author - Natalia Selby

Marketing Executive at Mediahawk, with 20 years experience in analytics and content management.