Marketing agencies: Start taking credit for your clients’ conversions!

Category: Data and analytics
When you work in a marketing agency, it doesn’t take long to realise that your clients only really care about one thing: results.

But when you win big clients, who employ multiple agencies or engage their customers through various marketing channels, you might find yourself fighting to attribute leads to your own efforts.

Justifying your agency’s worth when you’re up against PR, TV and Radio and traditional print advertising becomes really tough if you’re not equipped with the right data to add that extra insight into the results you’ve achieved, and to prove that your efforts are an integral part of your client’s overall marketing.

Even then, if you’re doing PPC (Pay Per Click), SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Social and other off-site promotion – how do you best attribute conversions within your own disciplines?

This is where call tracking can add an extra dimension to your reporting, lead attribution and ultimately, client retention.

Can you see the full picture?

Not all sales happen online, but plenty of them start online, or are triggered by a customer action somewhere online.

Multiple touch points often lead to telephone calls that bypass your traditional web analytics software.

Imagine this scenario:

You’re running a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign and you’ve got an ad that gets several thousand impressions in the number one spot for what should be your best performing term – but, your click through rate is terrible, and those that do click through don’t fill in the contact form, or trigger a ‘goal’ in your analytics software.

Organic conversions look OK, you’re ranking at number one so you assume you’re getting most of the available traffic.

So you turn the PPC ad off to save money. Suddenly, your client’s leads have disappeared.</emi

Your activity and your reports suggest that you’re doing the right thing, but their telephone has stopped ringing and pretty soon they won’t be able to afford you. This is your fault, and yet no one has realised this.

Your client might not be able to join the dots between the ad going offline, and the leads drying up.

If you had call tracking in place, you’d be able to see that actually, customers were phoning your client rather than filling in their email form, and in a lot of cases, they were calling the phone number displayed within the PPC ad, without ever clicking through to the main website.

You’d be able to take credit for all those calls, and you would avoid destroying your client’s main income stream (and subsequently lose a part of yours) by following best practice with the data you previously had.

Call tracking removes the guesswork

Improve your lead attribution and gain new clients

There’s potential for you, as a digital agency, to reap the benefits of call tracking yourselves.

Installing call tracking onto your own website and into your various marketing campaigns will deliver better insight, and allow for you to properly attribute your marketing successes.

Start to build on what really works, and drop activity that is costing you time and money.

Offline assisted by online? Or online assisted by offline?

Customers don’t always hit the touchpoints in your conversion cycle in the expected order.

Trackable numbers can be used in other traditional offline media to measure influence on online conversions, as well as being used online to track to influence on offline conversions!

Once you have the insight, the possibilities are endless and will only help you enhance your clients marketing efforts.

About the author - Natalia Selby

Marketing Executive at Mediahawk, with 20 years experience in analytics and content management.