Improve how you measure calls as conversions

Category: Data and analytics
You’re tracking calls as conversions and that’s enough, right? Probably not. A metric that is often overlooked in campaign reporting is the duration of a call. If longer calls represent a greater value to your business, you’ll want to identify how many of these lengthier calls your campaigns are generating.

Google Benchmarking

To determine the value of the calls, you simply need to assign a call length as a benchmark. This can trigger various Google Goals depending upon the ‘value’ of a call. You can trigger a different – more valuable – goal if the call is over a certain length.

Setting up benchmarking

Login in to your Mediahawk account.

STEP 1: Navigate to either Service Numbers (in ‘My Account’) for Classic Numbers, or Manage Vision Campaigns (under ‘Vision’) for Vision Campaigns, and complete the following fields:

    • Default Virtual Page

This is the virtual page where calls will be sent. If using benchmarking, any calls above the benchmark value will be sent to this virtual page.

    • Benchmark Field

This is the field to use as the benchmark. This can be left blank if benchmarking is not required.

    • Benchmark Value

If the call is above this value, it will go to the default virtual page. If using call length, the value is in seconds.

    • Benchmark Virtual Page

If the call does not meet the benchmark value, this page will be used instead.

STEP 2: Create the goals in your Google Analytics account for both the Default Virtual Page and the Benchmark Virtual Page.

Track answered calls as a separate Google goal

You may also want to track answered calls as a different goal to unanswered calls. To do this, set the benchmark field to ‘call length’ and enter ‘0‘ in the benchmark value.

Maximising call conversion values

Classifying your calls by length allows you to identify and focus on high value conversions. The Google Benchmarking feature in Mediahawk enables you to monitor campaign performance more closely, allowing you to apply bidding strategies to help maximise your conversion values and ensure that you reach your target return on ad spend.

If you have any questions about the Google Benchmarking feature, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – our consultants are always here to help and advise.

About the author - Natalia Selby

Marketing Executive at Mediahawk, with 20 years experience in analytics and content management.