How call tracking helps us become more agile marketers

Natalia Selby

Written by Natalia Selby

Category: Call tracking
What would you do if your leads hit a bit of a dry spell? You can spend ages planning the perfect campaign, but what if the results aren’t what you were hoping to achieve. Or, at the last minute, a competitor does something bigger and better.

Don’t be too proud to change direction if you need to.

Be prepared to change tactically and quickly

Consider this: Your PPC (Pay Per Click) ad is in the top spot for what should be your best performing search term. The ad receives several thousand impressions but your click through rate is terrible – and those that do click through don’t fill in the contact form, or trigger a goal in your analytics. Organic conversions remain stable and your website is ranking at number one, so you assume you’re receiving most of the available traffic. To save money, you’ve decided to stop running your PPC ad. Suddenly, your leads have disappeared and the phone has stopped ringing.

Without call tracking, you wouldn’t be able to make the connection between the ad going offline and the leads drying up.

While a successful marketing campaign needs to be carefully researched, well planned and executed, that doesn’t mean that you need to stick to it meticulously.
A growing business needs some degree of flexibility because, try as you might, no plan will capture reality perfectly.

As a smart marketer, you know that you need to be on top of the latest marketing trends to stay ahead. This means that there’s always going to be an element of trial and error involved.

To fully understand which channels are most efficient at generating quality leads – and where you should be investing your budget most effectively – you need call tracking. With more consumer data available, you’ll be capable of adapting to change quicker, helping you reap the benefits that real-time marketing affords.

Performance analysis is fundamental to running campaigns. If something isn’t going right for you, change it. Advertising and marketing are there to help you sell, so you should do whatever you need to achieve that.