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Track Sales is one of the most widely used Mediahawk call tracking tools.

As someone who is concerned about their marketing, there are many questions you’ll be asking on a daily basis including:

  • How can I link my calls to my sales?
  • How do I know which marketing has generated sales?
  • What is my revenue generated against my spend?
  • Do all of my leads enter my CRM system?

Track Sales answers all of those questions easily and simply. In this blog, I’ll show you how to use Track Sales for marketing attribution.

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The tool links your sales data with your marketing activity. By uploading sales data, Mediahawk is able to provide the details of the adverts, internet sources, keywords and mediums which triggered a lead through to sale. To get this information, all that is required is a CSV file of your sales data. Within this data, there must be at least one telephone number, this can be a customer’s landline or mobile number.

To access the track sales tool, log onto your Mediahawk call tracking account and navigate to the ‘Integrate’ tab on the left hand side navigation. Here you’ll find ‘Track Sales’.

Track Sales navigation screenshot.

Step 1: Upload a CSV of your sales data extracted from your CRM system.

Hit ‘File’ and open your sales data CSV file.

CSV file screenshot.

Step 2: Select the date range you would like to examine

If you want to exclude calls from the same person within a period of consecutive days, enter the number of days.

Mediahawk will read the headings from your spreadsheet. This means it is easy to identify what columns you are mapping to the telephone numbers and what data you want to see in the output. In the next section, select the columns that hold the telephone numbers, and any additional headings you would like outputted.

Step 3: Click ‘Analyse CSV’

This will then output a spreadsheet with your sales data and the adverts which had a response.

CSV file screenshot.

Track Sales is a great way to easily see which marketing is generating calls and ultimately sales. This also means that you are not relying on sales staff to enter the relevant data into your systems. By using the output functionality you can see your spend against your sales which will make for more effective marketing.

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About the author - Natalia Selby

Marketing Executive at Mediahawk, with 20 years experience in analytics and content management.