Automotive call index

We developed our automotive call index so that you can learn from what happened to enquiries over lockdown periods – and how they bounced back. Whilst history does not repeat itself, we can all learn from it.

Family at car dealership.

Automotive call index summary

The winners in the industry are those dealers who have grasped the ability to adapt and pivot their businesses to engage with prospects in a world where the customer journey is changing quickly:

  • Actively respond to and mange enquiries: Cars were sold during lockdown, and you can deliver on a click and collect basis. Just make sure that you’re on top of the distance selling regulations.
  • Actively talk to your customers: Use this as an opportunity to clean your existing database and remind them you are still active and can do service work.

The graphs show the weekly percentage change for all calls across over 700 dealers and Autotrader calls across over 450 dealers.

Mediahawk call index produced by our automotive expert, Harry Bott

Mediahawk are the leading provider of call tracking and response analysis to the UK automotive sector. Speak to Director of Automotive, Harry Bott, to find out more.

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