The ultimate guide to digital marketing analytics in 2022

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Digital marketing analytics. It’s a subject that’s loaded with jargon and tech-speak. So, what do we really mean by digital marketing analytics? In this blog, we’ll answer some of the common questions, giving you an insight into what digital analytics is all about and why it’s useful for you.

What is digital marketing analytics?

Digital marketing analytics involves gathering insights into customer behaviour and translating them into actions that can improve your marketing strategy. Analytics tools like Mediahawk help your company understand how your customers are behaving online and what drives them to act in certain ways. This is valuable data for any company and can be harnessed to create marketing campaigns that convert.

14 common digital marketing metrics

Depending on the digital marketing channels you use, there are many metrics to consider when measuring the performance of your efforts.

We’ve listed 14 of the most common ones here, with some jargon-busting explanations for each:

  1. Website traffic: Your overall traffic across your website.
  2. Traffic by source: This shows whether your traffic is coming organically, from referrals, socials and so on.
  3. Sessions: The number of visits your site receives.
  4. Session duration: The average length of each session.
  5. Page views: The total quantity of pages viewed.
  6. Exit rate: Where a user left your site after spending some time viewing.
  7. Bounce rate: Where a user leaves your site after viewing a single page.
  8. Conversion rate: The percentage of ‘conversions’ made; this may be a sale, a subscriber, a completed form – it depends on your industry.
  9. Impressions: The overall quantity of views or engagements a page or advert has.
  10. Click-through-rate: The percentage of viewers who click on a link.
  11. Cost per click: A reflection of the amount you pay for each individual click.
  12. Cost per conversion: How much it costs to convert an individual visitor into a conversion.
  13. Cost per acquisition: Refers to the lifetime value of a customer (only relevant for companies with returning customers).
  14. Overall ROI: How much you spent versus how much you made in return.

Did you know? You can easily integrate Mediahawk with Looker Studio to benefit from these insights and much more.

How is analytics used in digital marketing?

Digital marketing analytics is one of the most useful tools when it comes to planning and monitoring your marketing campaigns. Analytic platforms and software can play a vital role in understanding the complete user journey, helping you decipher exactly who is buying your products or services and how they make their purchase decisions.

Why is digital marketing analytics important?

When you understand the buyer journey and your audience demographics, it becomes clearer which decisions you need to make to create the most impact and how to keep those customers engaged. Digital marketing analytics help you to understand your progress and go back to see which campaigns worked more effectively than others.

Better understand customers

Analytics tools help you understand how your target audience acts. With insights into their behaviour and demographics, you’ll have a far more accurate idea of their personalities and interests. These insights are priceless, as they allow you to predict how your audience will act in the future and plan your marketing strategy accordingly.

Make decisions based on data rather than feelings

Predictions based on data are more grounded in reality than ‘finger-in-the-air’ style decision making. If you know how your market is likely to react, or how they respond to different marketing techniques, you’ll be able to adapt your digital marketing campaigns so they produce the best results.

Optimise your approach

Similarly, analytics tools will tell you which of your campaigns are most successful. By identifying your successful and less successful approaches, you’ll be able to adjust your budget and strategy to prioritise methods that get results.

Save money and boost ROI

A huge amount of time and money can be spent on campaigns or advertising; they can quickly drain your budget, and may not have the success rate you’d hoped for. This is arguably the best reason to integrate digital marketing analytics for your business. By removing unknown outcomes, your focus can be solely on the things that actually work for you.

Call tracking features to improve your digital marketing analytics

Mediahawk has a variety of features that will give you priceless customer insights. Let’s take a look at a few.

Call tracking

Get a more in-depth understanding of what drives your customers with our call tracking tool. Mediahawk helps you join up the online and offline worlds, where other analytics tools keep them siloed and separate. With Mediahawk, you can give your digital marketing analysis an extra dimension and paint a more comprehensive image of your customer journey.

Speech analytics

Speech analytics is a popular tool among marketers. Using speech analytics, keywords and phrases that are spoken in conversation are automatically identified, helping you to quickly recognise customer intent. This tool is fantastic for spotting trends in the behaviours of your customers and enables you to curate your call lists to only those who are likely to provide an ROI.

The words ‘would want to buy’, ‘considering purchasing’, or ‘how much will it cost?’ may be used by a caller. These keywords are recognised by Mediahawk, which categorises these calls as ‘sales’ and separates them from ‘billing/accounts’ and ‘support/service’ inquiries.

Multi-channel tagging

With Mediahawk, evaluating the effectiveness of multichannel marketing efforts is simple. Simply add a custom tag to your campaign URLs, similar to how you would with Google’s URL Builder tool. For each lead, Mediahawk will gather useful information such as device kind, campaign, content, and creativity.

You can segment your data in increasingly more effective ways with multichannel campaign tagging. Use segmentation to keep track of your most effective channels and gain a deeper understanding of your customers’ habits.

Sales reporting

Make dynamic reports that show sales, conversions and more so that you can assess campaigns. Get insights into what was sold and why, see which sources led to sales, view the complete customer journey and more. Our sales reporting tool helps your sales and marketing teams make informed decisions, improving the likelihood of successful campaigns.

Secure call handling

You may only have one shot to make a deal, so knowing how to organise your calls is critical. Customers are influenced by your tone of voice, product knowledge, and problem-solving abilities.

Furthermore, the simpler a customer’s path is, the more likely they are to make a purchase. Our secure call handling software can help you fine-tune these and other parameters so that each call can result in a conversion. See ten tips to improve call handling.

Marketing attribution

You can pinpoint which marketing activity gets you the most leads using our advanced call analytics tools, marketing attribution, and reporting. It means you’ll never miss a lead again. Map every conversion across online and offline channels, giving you a true view of where leads come from. See at a glance which activities and sources deliver the best results, and link every sale to the source.

PPC call tracking

Mediahawk’s PPC call tracking allows you to observe conversions from both calls and clicks, providing you with a more realistic picture of your pay-per-click ads’ effectiveness. See 4 reasons you need PPC call tracking.

Call tracking integrations

It’s easy to integrate Mediahawk with other marketing tools. With our seamless interfaces, you can compare sponsored campaign responses from Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Facebook ads, and more in one report. Plus, you can even send call data from Mediahawk back to them. Learn more about how you can integrate Mediahawk with Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Outbound call tracking

Marketing and sales teams can use Mediahawk’s outbound call monitoring software to conduct telemarketing while simultaneously capturing data and insight to analyse the outcome of each conversation and high-level metrics.

With no additional software, you can get more insightful data than with VOIP or desk phones. Improve your outbound call value and demonstrate that they produce leads and revenue.

Call to action tracking

Mediahawk has call-to-action tracking which shows what entice your users to perform a certain action on your site, whether that be signing up to a newsletter, finishing the sales process or buying a product. Learn more about online and offline call-to-action tracking.

Common digital marketing analytics questions

What are vanity metrics?

Often people get bogged down in what is known as vanity metrics. These are numbers that on the surface can look impressive, but in reality, are usually not very useful when it comes to planning ahead and looking at your strategies over the long term.

Typical vanity metrics can include page views to your website and likes on social media. Big numbers can look flashy, but they don’t tell you much about who is engaging with your content and whether their search or interests are being satisfied when they find your website or other marketing resources.

This is not to say that these metrics can’t be useful to you at the beginning of your digital marketing analytics journey. In fact, they can often provide a great foundation for learning the essentials of how your site is performing from a ‘zoomed out’ perspective. While you won’t learn much about your ROI, it can be useful to have this initial information to start considering how you’d like to improve these numbers.

As with anything, context is always key. Whether you want to use engagement or vanity metrics or dive much deeper, it’s important to explain what these numbers represent to you and your business – data without context can be easily skewed to fit a preferred narrative.

What industries should use digital marketing analytics?

Any industry that uses digital marketing would benefit from digital marketing analytics. We’ve had success working in a variety of sectors at Mediahawk, including:

How is Mediahawk different to other digital marketing analytics tools like Google’s call conversions?

Mediahawk gives a more in-depth analysis of calls than Google’s call conversions. For example, with Mediahawk, you’ll be able to see:

  • Information on the customer journey, including their journey through your website, their IP address and the page they were on when they made the call to your company
  • All their historical interactions, including previous website visits and calls
  • The marketing sources that drives visitors to your site and phone calls
  • The keywords used
  • All interactions and conversions

You’ll also benefit from a range of other features that will lead to better analysis of the success of your campaigns, such as:

  • The start and end times of calls
  • Whether the call was answered or not
  • The length of the call
  • Recordings of calls
  • The caller line identity (CLI)
  • The area code of the caller
  • More advanced call management and handling features

Why choose Mediahawk for digital marketing analytics?

There are several reasons companies all over the world choose Mediahawk for digital marketing analytics. Our product is impactful, reliably increasing the number of phone and website leads and helping companies create effective marketing strategies.

Mediahawk also helps reduce wasted spending on ineffective campaigns, prioritise campaigns that work and boost return on investment. Our friendly team are always ready to offer support, and our Client Excellence Programme is designed to help all clients get the most out of Mediahawk.

Learn more about why you should choose Mediahawk, read our case studies for real-life success stories and get in touch for more information.

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