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Top 5 Benefits of Call Tracking

Call tracking is the dark horse of analytics.  If you measure the number of online enquiries generated from advertising and not the offline telephone calls, you may be missing out on vital data on how your potential clients are interacting with you.

1.       Measuring offline response from online advertising

The major benefit in doing this is that you will save money by advertising keywords that make the telephone ring.  These may be different to those that generate online enquiries and therefore need to be monitored.  You can also monitor affiliate sites, directories, email marketing and banner advertising by setting these up as a referral source.

2.       Monitor the calls from your website

By doing this, you are effectively measuring the first point of contact for many potential clients.  Depending on your business, your clients will like to browse your site before making a telephone call.  If they do this, you can set up the telephone number to change as soon as they land on your site and tell you how many visitors took a direct route, used a referring site, clicked on an advert or searched for you organically.  Once they make a call you can see how long they waited for you to pick up, where they are located and how long the call was.

3.       Added features to ensure your callers get the red carpet treatment

Is your business handling calls effectively?  Using call tracking exposes you to areas of the business that need improvement such as missed calls, engaged calls, routing plans that leave callers hanging on too long or simply not reaching the right person.  You can put this right with added features such as call whisper that pre-announces the source of the call, call recording that enables you to listen to the content of each call and missed call alert that will email you with details of any missed calls.

4.       Save money on advertising that isn’t working

Monitor the telephone calls you get from each advert and you can get a clear idea of whether or not you should be repeating your adverts.  Call tracking data is excellent for planning campaigns as you can see exactly which adverts have generated calls.  Work out the cost per lead for each campaign and get an accurate idea of what ROI you have achieved.

5.       Get buy in from clients and management teams for advertising campaigns

As a marketer it is down to you to get buy in from your clients and senior management team for the campaigns you wish to run.  This is not always easy unless you have accurate data to back you up.  Using call tracking you can supply all the data you need to build a strong case for a particular campaign.  Location, referring URL, keyword, number of calls, number of rings, missed or engaged calls and duration of calls can all be captured and delivered in the form of graphs and tables that can be shown to your team.

These are the top five benefits of call tracking, to find out more about this very versatile product and all it has to offer your business give us a call.

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