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International Call Tracking Software

Use local numbers for your international marketing campaigns to increase response rates and improve ROI.

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Territories covered

Mediahawk makes call tracking easy:

Boost your marketing response with local numbers in every region. Local and toll free numbers make customer calls affordable and add credibility to your business.

View your entire marketing response in one place. Easily compare how your campaigns drive inbound phone calls and sales from PPC, SEO, social media, email, offline advertising, and more all over the world.

Flexible and granular reports enable you to drill down into the performance of your campaigns in more detail.

Build trust and connect with your local audience by providing a local phone number.

Increase conversions and revenue by identifying which marketing channels generate inbound phone calls and sales, and refine this by territory.

Reduce your CPA by eliminating ineffective campaigns.

Accurately attribute calls and sales for all your online and offline advertising, and establish your most successful campaigns.

What do I get?

International local and toll free dynamic and static telephone numbers.
Fully customisable reports and end-to-end marketing attribution.
Integrations with popular platforms including Google Analytics, DoubleClick, HubSpot, Salesforce, and more.
In depth and easy-to-understand phone call reporting, including custom URL tagging, secondary dimensions, keyword level tracking, and call scoring.
Missed, key, and received call alerts.
Powerful call management including: call recording, whisper, benchmarking, and scoring.
Advanced call handling includes: queuing, mailboxes, re-routing, IVR, and business continuity.
API and FTP feed.