Tracking click-to-call

Never miss a PPC lead or sale again. With Mediahawk, you can track your Google Ad and PPC performance, whether your ads are clicked or not.

Simply place our call tracking numbers in your ads to capture data on the people who choose to call you, rather than click your ad.

Which ads are driving calls?

Google Ads and paid ads integrations

Mediahawk’s call tracking provides you with a clear insight into how your click-to-call ads are performing.

Through our Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising integrations, data on which ad groups, campaigns, and keywords are generating your phone calls all becomes available in your call tracking reports.

Advanced call handling and more

Call tracking also offers detailed call reports, advanced call handling, call management, recording, call whisper, and quality scoring for each tracked number assigned to your click-to-call ads.

Insights to drive up ROI

Use this data to invest more budget into the click-to-call ads that are driving your best quality leads, and optimise your under-performing ads to increase sales, ensuring you’re generating the highest return possible from paid advertising.

Find your best-performing campaigns in an instant

Mediahawk’s dashboards are a marketer’s best friend, with simple and intuitive tools to help you do more with your marketing budget. Book a 15-minute demo and see for yourself.

Mediahawk integrations

Mediahawk integrates quickly and easily with industry leading martech tools

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“Just wanted to say thank you for the Google Universal Analytics custom dimension integration. It’s working great, and I now have great visibility on where our spend is going on a daily basis. I love it!”

Michael Sheppard, Digital Marketing Manager, WorldPay
Worldpay case study.

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