Don’t miss ready-made customer insights

As a marketing agency, you should always be striving to better understand your clients’ customers.

By that, we mean knowing how they tend to behave at different stages in the buying journey. And if you’re not sure what that buying journey looks like, then you need to spend some time mapping it.

Luckily, thanks to advanced marketing analytics tools, there are some easy ways to gather customer insights – most of the time, without even really trying.

For example, call tracking software like Mediahawk can give you some essential insights straight out of the box. For a busy agency marketer, this can be a life-saving tool to have in your arsenal – especially when the time comes to deliver that monthly performance report for your clients.

So, let’s take a look at five essential customer insights you can access instantly in Mediahawk. They really are ready-made customer insights you wouldn’t want to miss.

1. Call tracking

Mediahawk’s visitor level call tracking shows you which marketing sources and keywords callers use to find your website, which can help you make immediate improvements to your digital marketing strategy. Mediahawk captures all interactions (including page visits, downloads, live chats, form-fills, and more) with your website before, during, and after a phone call. Every visit and visitor action is tracked – even when they don’t make a call.

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2. Marketing attribution

With Mediahawk’s marketing attribution features, you can quickly and easily see which marketing sources and campaigns resonate most with your clients’ customers. Plus, Mediahawk’s multichannel campaign tagging enables you to dig deeper into your campaign data than ever before. It means you can achieve 100% marketing attribution for every campaign, with a clear picture of every customer touchpoint that assisted the sale.

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3. Speech analytics

Mediahawk gives you conversation insights at scale, helping you transform marketing campaign performance for your clients. Using the latest speech recognition technology to capture the full conversation, Mediahawk helps you identify useful spoken words, as well as the purpose and outcome of each call. Phone calls are packed full of insight, so it’s important you don’t miss these essential insights; with speech analytics, you can use phone conversations to capture the issues and concerns that truly matter to customers.

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4. PPC call tracking

Your clients’ PPC campaign data also holds a world of customer insight. When it’s plugged into Mediahawk, it’ll give you a real-time view of the PPC keywords that customers who convert to sales calls commonly use. It means you can attribute inbound calls to individual PPC keywords and make smarter decisions about your ads budget – as well as get a better understanding of customer preferences when it comes to the keywords they use in searches.

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5. Call to action tracking

With call-to-action tracking, you can easily track non-linear customer journeys through form fills, live chats, PPC ad clicks and more. With this data in hand, you can use it to visualise the entire customer journey and help you inform your marketing strategy and campaign spending. It can also help you report in granular detail on the user experience from start to finish and identify weak points for improvement.

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Customer insight isn’t just about demographic data. Sure, it’s important to know if your customers are typically male or female, or live in a certain part of the country. But the deepest, most useful insights about how they make buying decisions are what you need to gather if you really want to make a difference to campaign performance.

Insights like these have typically been difficult to get hold of, often requiring expensive surveys, focus groups and interviews.

But with software-as-a-service analytics tools now available to marketers everywhere, those ready-made customer insights are easier than ever to uncover.

For example, free tools like Google Analytics can provide basic customer journey information for your website.

And with dedicated marketing analytics tools like Mediahawk, you can go even further; reporting on granular details of the customer journey as a vital part of your clients’ marketing strategies.

About the author - Natalia Selby

Marketing Executive at Mediahawk, with 20 years experience in analytics and content management.

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