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Why call attribution is essential in Financial Services Marketing

As a financial services marketer, you'll know how tough the market has become – with new regulations and sharp competition. Giving great customer experience, while selling other products from your portfolio to increase loyalty and retention is hard to do, especially in this age of comparison websites

Spending your budget in the right places is key. Understand exactly what channels work and where your money should be spent for maximum impact outpacing the competition with our step-by-step guide. We’ll tell you how you can achieve 100% marketing attribution for all calls generated by your website, email, PPC campaigns and product literature.

Only 11% of finance services marketers are joining up online and offline data and activities. That means when someone does initial research online then calls you to sign up for that service, account or policy, you have no way to know that your hard won budget made that sale happen.

When you've read the guide, you'll have an action plan for better allocating your marketing spend to hit your own KPIs and goals, just as WorldPay did. Read their story in the guide.

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