eBook: Stop marketing in the dark

If you're only tracking form fills, you're missing out on half the picture. Your customers often prefer calling to filling out a form. Call tracking reveals the insights hidden in those phone calls.

eBook: Stop marketing in the dark

Tracking and attributing online conversions is easy. Phone calls are often the missing piece of the puzzle though.

Without the right technology, accurately tracking offline response to your marketing activity is impossible. You know you’re driving great leads… but how do you prove it?

Read the eBook and find out how you can:

  • Analyse the full customer journey across all touchpoints, including pages visited, and all interactions
  • Concentrate ad spend on campaigns and activities that drive high value call conversions
  • Spot trends in customer behaviour and adjust your marketing spend to drive up enquiries and eliminate wasted spend

Tired of relying on guesswork for campaign planning?

Finally! Know which marketing activities drive results so you can plan for more successful campaigns. Book a 15-minute demo of Mediahawk and we’ll show you how.

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