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There’s no doubt that AI and machine learning are quickly becoming an essential part of a marketer’s toolkit. With data informing more technologies to predict models and outcomes, accuracy is vital.

Our summer release is a round-up of some of the product highlights we’ve been working on over the last few months to ensure that your marketing ecosystem is powered by accurate and comprehensive data. These features will give you confidence in developing customer insights, anticipating the next best actions, and making automated decisions about marketing activity.

Track your revenue in Google Ads

You can now automatically pass revenue data from your paid search call conversions back into Google Ads. This can be done in a number of different ways from within Mediahawk, so you can now:

  • Automatically see your offline revenue value against the conversions in Google Ads
  • Accurately measure the revenue generated by your PPC activity
  • Confidently make data-driven decisions to optimise your PPC strategy

More about our Google Ads integration >

Enhanced HubSpot integration

For HubSpot Professional or Enterprise level users, our enhanced HubSpot integration sends an event for every inbound phone call received. This event is linked to a contact matched by cookie user ID, and then by telephone number which enables us to automatically find a contact in HubSpot based on the number they call you from. We also update existing contact records with data from their calls. If no match exists, we’ll create a new contact record.

Mediahawk can pass over 80 data points into any HubSpot field with every call, and link it to a contact, including:

  • Date and time of call
  • Duration of the call
  • Caller’s number and unique ID
  • Service Number – the phone number used on your marketing campaigns
  • Destination number – the number that your service numbers are routed to
  • Outcome of the call – whether the call was answered, went unanswered, or was engaged
  • Link to the call recording
  • Marketing source and medium – including first click, last click, and interactions throughout their journey
  • Keyword – if the call originated from a PPC campaign
  • Landing page title and path, and much more

More about our HubSpot integration >

Import sales data into Mediahawk with our API

For existing clients our sales import feature just got easier. Spend less time on admin and more time marketing by importing sales data every day from your customer relationship management (CRM) system automatically into Mediahawk using our API.

To use this enhanced feature, a bit of development is needed to create the script to call the data. Speak to your account manager for more details.

View phone calls as conversions in Google Analytics 4

GA4 has been a moving target ever since it was announced. Google have taken on board a lot of feedback they’ve been getting from users, adding and changing some of their reports based on what marketers need.

There’s no denying that it’s a completely different analytics property, though. We’ve been extensively training, researching, and keeping up to date with the changes to ensure that we have the most current, flexible, seamless integration that will make your experience of using it much easier and more beneficial.

Learn more about our GA4 integration >

Make self-referrals a thing of the past with Smart Attribution Link

We’ve developed a unique algorithm to solve the problem of self-referrals. When your website domain appears as a referring source on your web analytics reports it skews your attribution data. With GA4 also now using your own data to make projections about user behaviour, accuracy is even more vital.

Our Smart Attribution Link uses intelligent behavioural signals. This allows you to continue attributing your visitors to their correct source, and maintain the integrity of your reporting to ensure that your strategy is based on accurate data.

Learn more about Smart Attribution Link >

More data = more confidence

The impact that AI will have on marketing will continue growing. Give yourself the best opportunity to increase revenue, lower costs, and drive customer engagement and satisfaction by bolstering your marketing stack with the data that’s going to get you the right results.
Talk to us to see how Mediahawk can help.

About the author - Natalia Selby

Marketing Executive at Mediahawk, with 20 years experience in analytics and content management.

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