Making marketing accountable

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It remains to be seen whether the news that McDonald’s has engaged Omnicom on a performance-based deal is going to encourage more brands to follow suit.

Results matter to all marketers. It’s critical that you never lose sight of your main goal to drive sales. The right technology and a better understanding of the consumer’s path to purchase means that we’re closer than ever to scrutinising the efficiency of our marketing spend. Call tracking is one of the most valuable tools for measuring the effectiveness and ROI of all your marketing campaigns.

Here are 5 ways that call tracking enables you to measure the true success of your marketing campaigns.

1. Accurately track your multi-channel campaigns

To get the best reach, a typical marketing campaign will cross many channels and devices. But how do you know where the response is coming from? Tagging your online ads provides you with much deeper insight into your campaign performance, and allows you to segment online and offline response in any way you want.

2. Get real-time data on your marketing response

Real-time marketing is increasingly important to businesses, allowing them to engage with their customers based on real-time information, such as their behaviour and actions on a website, or even breaking news and current events.

Take Norwegian’s ‘Brad is Single’ ad, for example. Real-time data allows you to instantly see if your campaigns are producing results. If a particular strategy isn’t working well, you can identify this quickly and divert spend into a campaign that is more effective.

3. Track calls to keyword level

As advertisers, we all spend a significant amount of our budgets on PPC advertising. Tracking response down to keyword level will tell you precisely which keywords are responsible for driving qualified leads into your business. This gives you better insight into which keywords are worth competing on and which ones aren’t.

4. Complete visitor path

How users find your site and what they do when they’re there is gold for marketers. Mediahawk provides you with detailed information about your visitor’s entire journey through your website; from the source that triggered the visit, all the pages that they visited, any actions they took (including making phone calls), and when they left the site.

5. End-to-end attribution

Linking advertising spend directly to revenue is the Holy Grail of marketing. Make better marketing decisions by connecting all aspects of a consumer’s journey directly to revenue.

See the bigger picture with call tracking

Marketing agencies take pride in coming up with clever campaign ideas and persuasive messages – and rightly so. However, these matter little to your management team if they’re not bringing enough return.

Traditional analytics don’t measure every single result that these campaigns deliver – the ads might be online, but the conversions may not. Inbound phone calls are probably the most valuable leads you receive. If you’re not tracking these, your conversion rates aren’t accurate.

While not every brand has the same advertising clout that McDonald’s has, making marketing more accountable is something that every business – no matter the size – has in its power to do. Call tracking provides you with data you need to do this.


About the author - Natalia Selby

Marketing Executive at Mediahawk, with 20 years experience in analytics and content management.