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Trackable Local Telephone Numbers


Mediahawk can provide a wide range of trackable local telephone numbers

Trackable local numbers are all prefixed with the digits 01 or 02 and relate to a city, town or location within the UK. For example, an 01234 code would represent the Bedford area, and 01908 is the local area code for Milton Keynes. This means that you can now promote your business in the local area of your choice, without having premises in that location. All the calls made to this number can be tracked, and will therefore provide you with data you would expect from Mediahawk’s non-geographic number reporting; i.e. the advertisement that prompted the call, the caller's location and information on the number of calls received.

Trackable local numbers will help you to market your business more effectively and spread your reach into a new location. For less than £15 per month, you can now have a trackable local telephone number. If you advertise with yellow pages, local press or other online directories aimed at your market, featuring a local area telephone number will give your potential customers a reason to call you rather than a business operating nationally.

"By marketing locally you are targeting an audience whose buying decision is likely to be influenced by location. Making it clear to consumers that you are a local business serving the area they live in will benefit you. Consumers are more likely to call a local number for a service that is available near to where they live. Creating a local presence outside your own operating area will extend your marketing reach and increase the enquiries into your business"

Harry Bott, Mediahawk

Local area numbers at work: a case study

A local contract cleaning business has been advertising on a weekly basis on, in the local newspaper and via their website using Google Adwords to obtain leads. The business had been generating a steady flow of leads but they had noticed that this was beginning to tail off. By allocating a local area telephone number across their marketing activity, they soon discovered that the local press advertisement was not generating as many leads as it had been and therefore decided to think about spending this money elsewhere. The business had many clients in the local area and felt that they may increase their response by advertising in the next nearest town. The company spent three quarters of the local press advertising budget on a new yell advert for another location and allocated a trackable local area number to the advert so they could appear to be local as well as track the response levels.

As a result, the company increased their enquiry levels, expanded the business into a new location and saved money on marketing as a direct result of using trackable local area telephone numbers.

As you can see from this case study there is a great deal of benefit in targeting your business to specific areas and tracking the response rates. Using a trackable telephone number will enable you to monitor which advertising has been successful and adapt and review your marketing campaigns as the market changes. Using a local number can help you to focus your marketing in the area you operate in or give you the opportunity to try marketing in a brand new location.

To establish your business in a new location or simply allocate a trackable local telephone number to your existing marketing material please contact us.

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  • carla Avatar


    Hi there,

    Just a quick question. Do you know of any way that we can set up a trackable number and anyone that calls that trackable number appears on the caller ID as a set company name.

    To put it into context, we run a website called the Friday-Ad where people buy and sell items, such a cars.
    We often get our users saying they're unsure who's calling them and often don't answer the call.
    It would be fantastic if we could assign each seller a trackable number, and anyone that calls that number appears on the sellers phone as 'Friday-Ad enquiry' or similar.

    Do you offer this service or do you know if it's at all possible anywhere at all?

    Thank you

  • Natalia Selby Avatar

    Natalia Selby (Admin)

    Hi Carla,

    Thanks for your comment. One of our call tracking consultants will be in touch to discuss your requirements in more detail with you.

    Kind regards,