Call Tracking Synergy with Mobile Marketing

We’ve been raving about how mobile marketing is going to be on the rise this year, and back in January we gave you some tips to get you ready for the coming wave.

Today we’re going to be talking about how you can use call tracking in synergy with mobile marketing, teaching you how to gain more telephone leads and nurture prospects into taking action.

Some of these strategies are still in their infancy, but they’ve been proven to work incredibly well. SMS marketing, for instance, can be a great way to nurture leads and inform customers of important events or offers you have. Did you know that 96% of all text messages are opened and actually read – whether it be from a friend, family member or business?

There’s massive opportunity here for those who have collected as much information from their prospects and customers as possible. Sometimes it’s best not to ask for too much in the first instance, but depending on what stage your prospects are at in the marketing funnel, it makes sense to start gathering more information. Getting a mobile phone number to add to your CRM can really help you for later cross-channel efforts.

When it comes to the copy and call-to-action, you can create a call tracking number to use in your SMS message and, if the prospect or customer has a smartphone, they can actually click-to-call your phone number. This means you can track the response of your SMS marketing efforts, testing on a small scale and optimising as you go along.

Your SMS marketing should be compelling and always give a good ‘reason-why’. Why should I call right now? Is this message relevant to me? These are all questions your prospects and customers will be asking when they receive your message.

We’ve also mentioned how getting your website mobile ready will be of great advantage, especially considering that over 50% of mobile users are now using their smart phones to browse the web.

This is an easy fix; just get your web designer to convert your website to be responsive. This means that the website will adjust to the size of the screen that it’s being displayed on. Are you already using call tracking? Make sure the phone number you display in the header is click-to-call and you’ll be good to go. Mediahawk does this for you automatically.

A quick note on QR codes; these aren’t as popular as people thought they were going to be, but are still worth testing out. If you’re going to use them to drive visitors to a specific landing page then use a call tracking number so you know exactly which QR code the caller has come from. If used properly, QR codes can still be reasonably effective, just remember to test on a small scale first.

The final note to all this is on ad networks, specifically Google AdWords. Various PPC services are wising up to the fact that the mobile world is a different ball game to desktop browsing. As a result they’re changing the way their service works on smaller devices.

Google have recently announced changes to their rules on displaying phone numbers in ads, meaning you can no longer display your phone number within the copy and requiring you to add Call Extensions instead. However, the up-side is that with the introduction of Enhanced Campaigns, you now have more control over the bidding of your ads and their targeting options when aiming at prospects browsing on mobile devices.

If Google, the 100-pound-gorilla, is starting to wise up and adjust to the mobile revolution, isn’t it time you did too? By all means test on a small scale first, but the important thing is that you get started in establishing a mobile presence. What we’ve shown you here is an easy way to get started.

With all the buzz going on around mobile marketing, what have you done to get ready?

What successes have you had with mobile marketing? Share your thoughts and experiences with us.

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