Mind The Response Gap Using Call Tracking

It’s not the leads you know about that are most important, it’s those you don’t.

If people talk to you before they buy from you, then telephone leads are important to you. There’s a great blog about whether telephone leads are important to you, but that is literally a different story.

Online lead tracking is as easy as pie: a Google click; an online form-fill; a goal conversion.

But what if the lead didn’t fill the online form in? What if they phoned instead? What usually happens next is this: No CRM lead is captured; no sales follow-up is made; no opportunity is developed. Your lead dies, your competitor profits.

But that’s not all. Your next step is to cut the marketing budget for the channel because your analytics tells you it’s not generating leads. Actually you should have increased it. Leads hit a downward spiral.

This blog is about how you can fill the response gap using call tracking.

Capturing telephone response leads

First things first, look at calls from online. Visitor level call tracking will capture lead information from calls that originate from visitors to your website.

Initially you will want to:

  1. See which source, medium, or keyword visitors used
  2. Discover the visitor path to telephone calls

Which sources, mediums and keywords generate telephone calls?

You should start by using an online feed of callers from your website, and which source, medium and keyword brought them to you. Using Mediahawk Vision, that sort of information looks like this:

Armed with this insight, you are immediately able to stop burning leads because your marketing department has complete visibility of all calls and the sources that generated them. At this point, they should be captured and entered into your lead tracking system.

Discover the visitor path to telephone calls

Once you’ve captured the source information from a telephone call, you can trace the path that the visitor took before, during and after making the call. By understanding the path and pages which produce calls, you’ll be able to improve the effectiveness of your site for lead generation.

Look how you can track the visitor path:

This screen shot shows the full path the caller took on your website. We can now clearly see which page the visitor landed on, what they did next and which page generated the call.

Filling the response gap

Capturing missing telephone lead information should be a pain-free exercise. Using this information, you will not only make better decisions about your marketing budget, but ultimately you will be able to follow-up and convert more leads.


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