Xchange Analytics 2024

Marketing Xchange Analytics is an annual event bringing together influential speakers and marketing professionals to meet, learn, and discuss the latest in marketing analytics.

It’s an exclusive opportunity to listen to and engage with established speakers who are recognised for their marketing expertise. This year we were thrilled to have Katie King, leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategist, join us us as our keynote speaker.

Wednesday, 19 June 2024
Mediahawk Marketing Xchange Analytics 2024.

Marketing Xchange Analytics 2024

Mediahawk Marketing Xchnage Analytics event 2024 Katie King.

The theme for this years’ conference was ‘From data to decisions‘. We delved into AI applications for marketing, strategies for optimising the customer journey through data, and the changing landscape of marketing analytics.​

Katie King, leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategist, joined us as our keynote speaker and shared case studies such as Volkswagen who implemented an automated system that analyzes real-time data to identify the most effective ad placements and target audiences. This enabled them to reduce ad spend by 20% while increasing sales. Also BMW who partnered with an advertising agency to project AI-generated art onto their 8 Series Gran Coupé. This innovative campaign aimed to connect with BMW’s target audience on an emotional level and highlight the brand’s creativity and innovation.

Mediahawk Marketing Xchange Analytics 2024 roundtable.

From data to decisions

Following the keynote, Murray Picton, Head of Development, and Colin Hudson, Head of Client Services, presented a Mediahawk masterclass on ‘Understanding your leads’.

This was followed in the afternoon with practical sessions focused on strategies and tactics for kickstarting your AI adoption, including a workshop with Katie, interactive roundtables, and finally a panel discussion.

Keynote speaker: Katie King

Voted the leading AI strategist and 'Top 10 influencer in AI' in 2023

Katie King is a published author, keynote speaker, and consultant on Artificial Intelligence (AI), generative AI, and business transformation.

Voted the leading AI strategist and ‘Top 10 influencer in AI’ in 2023, Katie has over 30 years of consulting experience across a range of sectors.

She has advised many of the world’s leading business leaders and organisations, as well as schools, colleges, and universities, has delivered two TEDx talks, and is a regular speaker worldwide.

Here's what our previous attendees have said about Xchange Analytics

“The event today – absolutely fantastic. The calibre of people in the room. Everyone here is here to learn, and I think everyone is really engaging and open-minded to share their experiences. It’s been great fun.”

George Davies, attendee June 2023

“I found the event really, really insightful today. Really good keynote speakers. Lots of like-minded people. Really enjoyable as a whole. I highly recommend it.”

Raife Wieland, attendee June 2023

“Meeting with like-minded people who are using the platform. I’m learning new tricks. There’s really good keynote speakers. It’s been really fab.”

Sophie Middleton, attendee June 2023

“Some really insightful conversations so far. I particularly enjoyed the workshop, hearing views of other people from other industries has been really insightful and really helpful.”

Allen Scott, attendee June 2023

“It’s nice to have a mix of sectors. I think that all the challenges we are facing are the same or similar in other sectors, other marketplaces. It’s a great fun day.”

Barbara Fogden, attendee June 2023

“Wonderful location, wonderful people, wonderful presentations. What’s not to like? It’s been absolutely fantastic!”

Allen Scott, attendee June 2023

“Great presentations providing strong food for thought.”

Xchange Analytics attendee, June 2023

“An excellent, informative and inspiring day. Some great nuggets to take away.”

Xchange Analytics attendee, June 2023

“It was nicely informal and very friendly. The talks and information provided were hugely interesting.”

Xchange Analytics attendee, June 2023

“Without a doubt, I’ve learnt more today than I have from other marketing events I’ve attended.”

Xchange Analytics attendee, October 2019

“Very interesting guest speakers and inspiring discussions… this forum is a great opportunity to exchange ideas.”

Xchange Analytics attendee, October 2019

“I really enjoyed listening to the presentations and the open discussion was really eye opening.”

Xchange Analytics attendee, October 2019