How marketing data helps you tackle tough times

with Lawrence Cavill Grant, Head of Commercial

How marketing data helps you tackle tough times
Duration: 30 minutes

Learn why marketing analytics data is so important for businesses to survive a recession – and stand a fighting chance of succeeding beyond it.

As tough times hit, there are a number of common knee-jerk reactions that businesses make. While in the short term they might seem like the right decision, over the longer term they can be damaging to your business.

Leveraging marketing data can make a real and valuable difference to your business during tough times. There are plenty of insights to be had that can be used to drive smarter decision making, cost savings and, ultimately, long-term revenue growth.

Join us and become a data-driven marketer and gain complete control over the direction of your marketing strategy.

Learning outcomes include how your marketing data can help you:
  • Quickly adapt your strategy in response to shifts in customer behaviour
  • Reveal opportunities for revenue growth
  • Ensure maximum ROI by optimising your marketing activities
  • Gain a long-term competitive advantage
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