Latest product releases from Mediahawk: See what’s new

Faye Thomassen

Written by Faye Thomassen

Category: Call tracking
  • 100% marketing attribution and insights into every lead and sale
  • Outbound call tracking and reporting: understand which outbound calls matter and why
  • Sales data import and reporting: get a clear picture of the marketing mix that drives sales, not just leads
  • Easy to use software with reports that are intuitive to filter for exactly the data you need

There’s nothing like a new release with tangible benefits to really lift the spirits. And when our development team has pulled not one but two big features out of the hat, we’re over the moon!

Sales activity data captured in fine detail

Our latest releases significantly enhance call tracking and marketing attribution. Two powerful new services will deliver a genuine boost to our clients’ performance: Outbound call tracking and reporting, and Sales data import and reporting.

Creating a ‘sweet spot’ in terms of really understanding which initiatives pay off, these releases use deeper and higher quality data to improve decision making across your organisation. Listening to our clients, we know this is something they’re hungry for.

Outbound call tracking and reporting

Mediahawk outbound.

Making outgoing calls though Mediahawk you’ll have the power to see the customer journey in fine detail.

We track activity across all touch points. You’ll be able to fully understand the effect of outbound calls on lead generation and sales conversions.

Our call tracking software means that you can fully understand the role of outgoing calls in the marketing mix – leading to more effective strategies and real returns on investment.

  • Sales teams become more efficient. It’s quick and easy to make trackable calls and logging is automatic.
  • Every call becomes a one-click route to speaking with customers and prospects.
  • Reports are easy to run and simple to filter for exactly the data you need. 

With Mediahawk, you won’t just track conversion rates. You’ll understand how and why conversion rates change as well.

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Sales data import and reporting

Mediahawk sales report.
Sales data can be notoriously frustrating. Often it tells only part of the story. So we’ve been working hard to get beyond the level of calls and clicks. We use sales data to fully understand the marketing which drives sales as well as leads.

Sales data import and reporting merges sales data with call histories and marketing activity.

Amongst other things, you can filter for marketing channels providing the most sales, and those which sell specific products more effectively than others.

This cutting edge sales reporting for marketers provides the data which identifies sales as well as leads.

Critically, reports can show the full customer journey all the way to a sale, matching it with specific product data. Not only can you evaluate marketing and sales initiatives, but also identify the lifetime value of customers who make repeat purchases and the factors that influence their journeys.

By tailoring your reports, you can really get to grips with which channels of activity generate the sales. It’s possible to see the value of those sales and which products and/or services are performing best. Decisions become fully informed and more productive.

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Clarity of insight = power

Combined, these two new world class refinements deliver a depth of understanding that will put Mediahawk clients head and shoulders above their competitors. Because they track from first contact to the sale, and beyond, they provide a clear view of what marketing works and which sales calls are productive. These are powerful tools to understand your markets, improve decision making, and maximise returns on investment.

Easy access to understanding what matters

Calling through Mediahawk, and running just the right report, is simple. Users can filter data in every report and favourite filters can be saved for future use. Access is easy too. New customers can sign up online; existing customers can simply update their account details.

With Mediahawk, unleash the power of outbound calls and maximise conversions from leads to sales. Track the full customer journey to discover which marketing mix and sales activities make the most sales. At last, you can focus on the activities that pay.

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