New survey finds marketers emphasising data-backed decision making and lead generation in 2023 strategies, says Mediahawk

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Marketers are placing greater emphasis on data-backed decision making, according to the latest Mediahawk survey of 60 marketing leaders in the UK.

The State of Marketing Analytics Technology 2023 survey found that more than two-thirds of respondents are making greater use of analytics data to plan strategies and campaigns. Just 27% of marketers surveyed in 2022 said they used analytics data in a proactive way.

Michael Morrell, Mediahawk’s CEO, said: “It’s encouraging to see marketers taking a much more active approach when it comes to marketing data. Last year, the trend was toward using data in a passive way, such as for reporting and measurement purposes. This is still a very valid way of using data. But when marketers use their analytics data to drive decision making, we regularly see a vast improvement in campaign performance.”

The survey also found that lead generation is now the primary objective for marketing leaders. Last year, the top goal was to improve bottom line business growth, suggesting that marketers are now focusing their efforts on boosting their own departmental results.

Faye Thomassen, Head of Marketing at Mediahawk, said: “This renewed focus on lead generation is likely to be a reflection on the current economic climate. With this, comes an even greater need for marketers to make sure they can account for and attribute every single lead in their pipeline. Now more than ever, marketers must prove the value and return on investment of their efforts or they run the risk of increased scrutiny and budget cuts.”

Mediahawk, a UK-based marketing analytics firm, has published its State of Marketing Analytics Technology report for 2023, focusing on trends and best practices in marketing analytics technology adoption and investment. Download the full report and discover for yourself how senior marketing leaders are approaching lead generation in the current economic climate, what challenges they face, and what the future looks like.

About Mediahawk
Mediahawk is a pioneer in call tracking technology and marketing attribution, working with clients across an ever-growing range of sectors – including healthcare, automotive, finance, legal, care homes, technology, and marketing agencies. Mediahawk is trusted by businesses around the world to take the guesswork out of marketing strategy and campaign planning, and drive higher leads and sales.

About the author - Natalia Selby

Marketing Executive at Mediahawk, with 20 years experience in analytics and content management.

Image or report on state of marketing analytics technology 2023
State of marketing analytics technology 2023

Download the latest state of marketing analytics technology 2023 report and discover how challenges such as budget cuts and recruitment are affecting businesses, and what marketers objectives for the coming year are.

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