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Gain deeper customer insights and improved attribution with our spring 2023 software release. We’re pleased to announce a brand new feature to improve attribution and an enhanced GA4 integration for greater control and precision with event data.

Smart Attribution Link

We’re committed to providing 100% attribution, 100% of the time. We’re excited to launch our latest feature called Smart Attribution Link to ensure you can accurately attribute every visitor to your website.

Frustrated seeing self-referrals on your website analytic reports, and not knowing which sources the visitors came from? Firstly, check your analytics is implemented correctly to your site. If it is, then self-referrals can appear due to reasons such as the website being slow to load, or the visitor going idle for some time and then coming back again. We have developed a unique algorithm to solve this issue. Using intelligent behavioural signals, our solution allows you to continue attributing your visitors to their correct source.

Learn more about self-referrals >

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) integration upgrade

The countdown to GA4 has begun, and as we get ever closer to it replacing Universal Analytics we’ve been making enhancements to our integration. To give you greater control over the Mediahawk data you send into GA4, you can now add additional parameters to your events as well as set custom parameter names. By expanding the limit on the parameters, you can send valuable insights into user behaviour from Mediahawk into GA4. With this additional data, you can create custom conversion events to help track the success of your campaigns with greater precision.

For example, when sending a dynamic call event into GA4, pair it with call status and call category parameters. This powerful combination means you can create a conversion event to only track your effective calls with a category of lead – giving you a clearer picture of the success of your campaigns.

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