Mediahawk launches Parameter Connect for better cross-channel campaign analysis

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Pioneers in call tracking develop solution linking offline and online calls

Mediahawk, pioneers in call tracking and marketing attribution, today have launched a game-changing approach to multi-channel analysis with their new feature, Parameter Connect.

Bringing together offline and online call and visitor data, Parameter Connect offers an innovative way for marketers to understand the effectiveness across their cross-channel campaigns.

Mediahawk’s unique solution simplifies and automates the analysis process for marketers to see the complete picture of their integrated marketing performance. Parameter Connects allows marketers to pivot data in any way by applying as many parameters as needed to any phone number, dynamic pool and source/medium. Each parameter has its own report so a marketer has just one easy-to-use report to see actionable insights effortlessly and develop their marketing strategy for success.

“Our new solution will help our customers make informed decisions in seconds,” says Michael Morrell, CEO at Mediahawk.

“For example, if you are a care home group with multiple locations, Parameter Connect brings together and joins up online and offline information so you can see which care homes need improvement. If you’re an automotive retailer, you can see how on-website and off-website sources such as Auto Trader perform. Or if you conduct affiliate marketing, you can see the impact overall and optimise your partnerships.

The opportunities for insight with Parameter Connect are endless.”

Parameter Connect is available now and included in every Mediahawk plan. For more information, visit our Parameter Connect feature page, or to see firsthand how we make data analysis a breeze, book a demo now.

About Mediahawk

Founded in 2002, Mediahawk pioneered call tracking technology and marketing attribution of calls, and have remained at the forefront of the industry. They work across an ever growing range of sectors, including care homes, automotive, marketing agencies, finance, legal, healthcare and technology. Working closely with their clients and partners, Mediahawk combines leading technology with expert industry knowledge to enable their clients to be leaders in their market.

About the author - Faye Thomassen

Head of Marketing at Mediahawk. CIM Chartered Marketer with an extensive career covering a wide range of sectors and experience including: driving digital marketing and communications strategies and tactics, managing the development of channels, building brands, and creating and launching digital products.

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