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How to Track Telephone Call Leads in Google Analytics

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Reporting is a critical, but often thankless, job. Potentially having mountains of data to plough through doesn't help. We even put together a SlideShare designed to help you put the fun back into marketing analytics!

To prove our point, Mediahawk helps simplify the complexity of reporting with its seamless Google Analytics integration, giving you complete visibility in one place.

Simple set-up

Configuring Google Analytics tracking in Mediahawk Vision:

  1. Select 'Vision'
  2. Select 'Manage Campaigns'
  3. Click on the campaign name
  4. Enter the Analytics Profile ID
  5. Select Goal or Event tracking type
  6. Enter the page name. This must match the analytics setup page name. (This must not be the same name as a page on the website and must also have a '/' in front of the page name, (e.g.: '/VisionPhoneCall.html').

Manage Vision Campaign Numbers screenshot from Mediahawk.

Click image to open larger version in a new window

Then, in Google Analytics:

  1. Log into Analytics 
  2. Click through AdminGoalsNew Goal 
  3. Fill in fields:
    1. Goal Name
    2. Set URL Destination as Goal Type
    3. Give the Goal a name
    4. Click 'Next Step'
    5. Set the goal URL as a page name e.g.: '/calls.html'
    6. Select Create Goal

Goal tracking

Using Goal tracking allows the Mediahawk service to register each call as a goal within Google Analytics in the same way as a sale, or completed contact form, is.

Goal tracking screenshot in Google Analytics.

Click image to open larger version in a new window

Tracking for marketing effectiveness

In conclusion, Google Analytics will give you online visits, but it won't show the phone calls. Mediahawk call tracking technology enables your calls to be viewed as Events, along with the source and keyword information. Crucially, you can also view the number of Goal Conversions that were activated by phone calls – an absolutely critical element in analysing how effective your marketing is.

Have you already integrated Mediahawk with Google Analytics? Share your findings in the comments.

Image credit: Carlos Luna

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