New features for Autumn 2019

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Mediahawk’s Autumn 2019 release make your experience with our software event richer. Packed with new features, your marketing/agency teams can drive even more value from your campaigns.

Assisted click analysis

You measure first click and last clicks in your analysis, but what about the clicks in the middle that influence or assist a decision to contact you? This is a metric that marketers inherently struggle to report on but need for proper attribution.

Mediahawk has released a major new feature which now enables you to view the overall performance of your source activity. For instance, your PPC campaigns may be even more successful that you first thought when you see how influential they are in the middle of the journey.

Assisted click graphic.

More about assisted clicks

Deploy call tracking with Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager.

Adding Mediahawk to websites just got even easier with Google Tag Manager. There’s no need to involve IT Development or have website coding knowledge, just tag it, and get tracking. It’s especially great for agencies that look after multiple client websites and want to add the tracking code quickly.

More about integrations

Integrate call data with more apps

Over 80 separate data points in API. Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio) coming soon.

We’ve updated our API to include even more flexibility to what you connect to. Making reporting even richer, you can now push Mediahawk data into more than 80 applications.

Webhooks: Get push notifications from Apps

Mediahawk can now offer Webhooks, allowing Mediahawk to send automated notifications from other applications to let you know something has been triggered. You would usually use Webhooks for infrequent actions you want to report on, unlike an API where you want to collect bulk data at the end of a day for instance.

Payment card details redaction

If you record your calls, our system now intelligently detects if is recording payment card details and removes them from the recording. This adds another level of security to those that use ‘pause/resume’ recording methods where there’s a risk of details being accidently captured. This service incurs an additional cost, but if you’re interested in it, do call our team for more details.

Redacting credit card numbers from recorded calls.

Speech analytics

You can now receive our keyword spotting speech analytics tool with or without call recording turned on. So whether you want recordings or not, we can still analyse calls and give you the same quality service. Speech Analytics also incurs an additional cost, but talk to us to see if it would be something you’d like to consider.

Other nice new things

Our call tracking is growing because our customers are great with telling us how they want it to evolve. Other things we’ve added recently are:

  • We now have live chat in reports
  • Account managers can now manage their own users without needing us to help them
  • Filters can now apply ‘start with’, ‘ends with’, ‘contains’

About the author - Natalia Selby

Marketing Executive at Mediahawk, with 20 years experience in analytics and content management.

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