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Grow Your Client Base Today

It's not easy working for (or owning) a marketing agency.

Apart from having to pitch to fellow marketers who can be a cynical bunch, there are many unique challenges to overcome.

According to the Benchpress Agency Survey, the 3 biggest challenges facing marketing agencies are:
  • Winning new business (55% of responses)
  • Increasing profitability (42%)
  • Recruiting talent (41%)

How can you address these issues? Adding new clients to the roster and increasing billings from existing clients has always been an issue, but in these hyper-competitive times the spotlight is on your ability to wow the customer more than ever. Recruiting talent, the 3rd most mentioned issue, is interlinked. If you're successful, growing and have a good roster, then talented staff will want to work at your agency.

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Using marketing attribution and call tracking from Mediahawk, you'll know instantly where your marketing budget is being best spent and exactly where you're picking up new-to-roster clients. Did you know that to be in the top 4% of agencies, you'll need an annual growth rate of 71% to grow turnover by 5 times over 3 years - so making that spend count is vital.

Bamboo Nine, one of Mediahawk's partners has achieved a 98% client retention rate. They say that "Call tracking has provided crucial knowledge to optimise bid management and drive effective cost per click and cost per lead. This has enabled us to make a better return on investment for our clients, which in turn has led them to keep their marketing with us".

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