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Did you know that overseas exporting is estimated to be worth over £55.7 billion to British businesses by 2020? Perhaps you already export or are thinking it’d be a great way to expand your business. Either way exporting can seem daunting.

Whether you’re ready to go fully multi-lingual online – or are just starting out – you can establish yourself at a local level in the countries you’re targeting by using local phone numbers for your website and marketing campaigns. Doing so increases your credibility in the market, and builds a level of trust amongst your target audience, leading to increased ad engagement, response, and conversion rates.

We’ve produced a guide to help you reveal the real value of your international marketing campaigns.

Read on to understand:

  • What activities prompt inbound phone calls
  • The complete view of the customer journey
  • How to integrate with your CRM for live customer insights and full marketing attribution

Amer Sports, home to international brands including Salomon, Wilson, and Precor, have implemented dynamic numbers on their websites – enabling them to analyse the effectiveness of their in-country marketing campaigns from a central base.

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Why Mediahawk?

Track what's driving calls

See exactly which online or offline marketing campaign is triggering calls and leads to your business.


Instant access to your data

Gain access to your campaign and call data in real-time for ongoing attribution and campaign optimisation.


Know which marketing activities generate the best leads

Find out which channels are producing the most profitable leads by linking revenue back to calls.

Understand how campaigns are performing

Look at detailed insights into the performance of your online and offline marketing campaigns so you can make informed decisions about your business.

Maximise your spend

Gear budget towards channels that drive the best leads and conversions. Cut spend on channels that are expensive and underperforming.



Integrate with your business tools and platforms

Seamlessly integrate call data with other platforms your business uses such as Salesforce, Google Analytics, AdWords, CRM and marketing automation platforms. Receive a deeper insight into your campaigns’ performance.

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Using the Mediahawk reporting portal we can easily measure the inbound calls to each branch and get a view of the ROI at the same time.
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Benchmarx Kitchens and Joinery
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I now have great visibility on where our spend is going on a daily basis.
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Mediahawk’s call tracking software with integrated website visitor tracking lets you track calls from your website and offline marketing so you know exactly which marketing is generating leads and conversions.

This type of data empowers marketers to identify which marketing investment is delivering results. Our software will show you which campaign brought visitors to your site, including the keywords used so you can optimise activities that are proven to get results.

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