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Powerful Call Management

Powerful built-in telecoms features help increase sales, improve customer relationships and reduce costs

Mediahawk offers the broadest range of advanced telecom features, allowing you to closely monitor the success of your inbound and outbound campaigns and conversion rates.

  • Call whisper - record a short phrase to be played to the call handler before the caller is connected, enabling them to put the call into context quickly and provide a clear and efficient service.
  • Call benchmarking - quickly evaluate calls based on their length. Longer calls tend to be of a higher value to a business.
  • Call recording - listen to your inbound calls to ensure that your team are making the most of every sales opportunity, improve customer service and provide more personalised staff training. 
  • Call scoring - call handlers can categorise and rate their calls both during the call and afterwards.
  • Missed call alerts - capture missed calls within your business, and call the client back. Identify how many calls are not getting answered or receiving an engaged tone.
  • Received call alerts - identify key calls as soon as they come in. Listen to important calls immediately and act quickly on urgent and business critical calls.
  • Outbound call recording - record calls from multiple sites or field teams to improve your outbound sales efforts. Track how many calls each agent has made and whether they were successful.

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