Travis Perkins Case Study

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Travis Perkins is the UK’s largest builders’ merchants. For more than 200 years, they have supplied the UK’s building and construction markets, building an enviable reputation for product quality and customer service along the way.

About Benchmarx Kitchens & Joinery
Established in London in 2006, Benchmarx has become one of the fastest growing trade suppliers in the UK with more than 160 branches. They’re a young, fresh-thinking company and already a well-established major supplier to the UK’s building and construction market. As a member of the Travis Perkins Group, Benchmarx is part of a group of leading companies in the builders’ merchant and home improvement market.

The challenge: Optimising new branch launch marketing campaigns

Marketing activity was dependent on when the telephone lines for each new branch were installed; getting a phone number for marketing activity could sometimes be as late as a week before opening. Benchmarx wanted to be able to start their local marketing activity well in advance of the opening date – to build a local customer base in each new location. Without a phone number for response, this would have proved very difficult.

The solution: Use local numbers to establish a customer base

Benchmarx wanted every new branch to commercially ‘hit the ground running’, so built call tracking in as part of their marketing strategy. Local presence numbers were used to launch their campaigns. These numbers were connected to their call centre in the pre-opening phase. Once the branch opened, they could keep the same local call tracking number, changing the destination number to the branch instead of the call centre.

The results: Maximise marketing effectiveness and demonstrate ROI

Using local numbers, Benchmarx are able to launch their marketing campaigns a full month before each new branch opens. This means that any hiccups when installing the branch phone lines don’t disrupt their marketing activity and their ability to effectively build their customer base isn’t hampered by these issues.

In the months following a new branch opening, Benchmarx use the same local call tracking number for their ongoing marketing and simply change the destination number, allowing their marketing activity to continue seamlessly. Their marketing campaigns have a local ‘look and feel’. This gives customers a sense of familiarity and reassurance and, more importantly, means that their marketing response isn’t affected by a change in numbers.

They were also able to accurately measure the ROI of their pre-launch activities, which gave them the insight they needed to be able to optimise these for subsequent campaigns.

“We had an ROI problem before we used call tracking. Using the Mediahawk reporting portal we can easily measure the inbound calls to each branch and get a view of the ROI at the same time.

“The Mediahawk reporting interface is extremely comprehensive but very simple to use. Any requests for amendments and support have been dealt with quickly and effectively and we’re extremely happy with the service.”

Nick Archer, Assistant Marketing Manager, Benchmarx Kitchens and Joinery

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