Lighthouse Healthcare Case Study

How Lighthouse Saved 60% of Their Print Media Spend Using Call Tracking

Lighthouse Healthcare offers range of specialist services to people with learning disabilities, autism, mental illness and personality disorders. They offer a pathway of integrated care providing person-centred support through individually tailored placements in their 6 hospitals and 5 bespoke move on care services.

Hayley Dyche is Lighthouse’s forward-thinking marketing manager. She is tasked with making sure the organisation responds to the market and keeps one step ahead of change.

The challenge: Understand how effectively the website generates phone enquiries

Hayley wanted to understand how effective the Lighthouse Healthcare website was at generating inbound telephone enquiries. She also wanted to be able to monitor response to their online and offline advertising campaigns.

The solution: Dynamic call tracking to measure response

Implementing call tracking and monitoring the data in Mediahawk allowed Lighthouse to count the number of calls and assess the quality of each enquiry.

The results: 60% savings in print media spend

Within two months of using Mediahawk, Hayley realised that there was a budget mismatch. Call tracking enabled Lighthouse to re-focus almost 60% of their print media budget away from poor-performing advertising and move it towards further developing their website and other online marketing channels – focusing on areas that produce genuine enquiries.

“We managed to reduce the number of ineffective calls into our services by almost 20%.”

Using Mediahawk call tracking, Hayley identified that 70% of calls to Lighthouse originated from print media and came from the Midlands and the North West. As a result, she said they “targeted more externally organised events to attend and also held our own annual conference in the Midlands to further raise our profile in these areas.”

“The print adverts we implemented this year have yielded us a better cost per response and much fewer ineffective calls as a result of this streamlining.”

Previously, Lighthouse measured a number of online KPIs (such as the number of inbound emails originating from the website). By adding phone calls to their metrics, they have a much better understanding of how their website is performing. In fact, they have been able to show that a recent website re-launch was a huge success.

Lighthouse is working toward building a better picture of the source of inbound leads and the journey those leads take. By correctly allocating each inbound call to a specific marketing channel, be it offline advertising or an online keyword, it is possible to make crucial decisions about where your marketing budget should be focused.

Improve your marketing intelligence

This graphic shows the typical marketing mix a healthcare company might use. Companies use mediums such as email, social media, and search engine marketing to drive traffic to their website.

Once an enquiry is received it will be stored in the lead management system (CRM). At this point, it follows a conversion process and will hopefully result in a consultation.

The potential customer’s data has limited use to the marketing team while there is no related data about the source of the lead – and therefore the ROI performance of that source.

Regardless of whether the lead was generated through offline advertising (such as print or an event) or online marketing, the exact advertising source can be attributed to the lead. Once the source attribution is stored against each lead it is a simple process to review the performance of each campaign, then plan and execute better marketing campaigns.

Furthermore if the lead is converted through the CRM, it is a simple process to attribute that conversion to either a piece of offline or online advertising.

Call tracking in the healthcare sector

Marketers in the healthcare sector are keen to understand how response sources are changing. Historically this has been difficult because the response is often via the telephone. Call tracking solves this problem by attributing the enquiry source to both online and offline advertising.


Mediahawk helped Lighthouse Healthcare re-focus almost 60% of its marketing spend

Assess Quality of Enquiries
Regional Targeting
Redirect Spend
Decrease Cost Per Response

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