Credit Fix Case Study

25% increase in sales conversion rate

Based in Glasgow, Scotland, Creditfix helps people that are experiencing challenging financial circumstances. As the UK’s largest insolvency practitioner, the company has built a solid reputation for offering consumers options if their financial matters have got out of control, helping them address their debt issues and providing them with relevant options to regain control of their finances.

Challenge: Measuring response to online and offline marketing activities

Many people visit the Creditfix website through word of mouth. The company also uses traditional advertising and, increasingly, display advertising (including Google AdWords) where people search for relevant terms. Creditfix needed an effective way to measure the results of its online and offline advertising campaigns to ensure that their marketing investment was delivering a return, and to measure the relative success of their various campaigns.

Creditfix turned to Mediahawk to help resolve this challenge through its best-in-class call tracking solution for marketing.

Mediahawk solution: static and dynamic call tracking numbers

Mediahawk offers advanced telecommunications solutions to help marketers improve how they measure performance.

Unique static telephone numbers are used primarily for offline campaigns – such as billboard or magazine advertising.

Mediahawk also provide dynamic numbers for websites, enabling businesses to provide a unique telephone number to every individual visitor to its website. When a potential customer subsequently calls the company on this number, details of the pages they visited on the website can be automatically accessed by the call handler, providing additional background information and leading to a more effective initial sales conversation.

Other sophisticated telecommunications features, including advanced call handling (such as identifying current customers and routing them to a different department), as well as call recording, and delivery of calls to the most relevant call handler, are also available as standard.

Creditfix deployed a range of Mediahawk’s solutions:

  • Static numbers are used to measure the effectiveness of printed advertising campaigns
  • Dynamic numbers enable call handlers to understand exactly the kind of matters that callers are interested in, based on the pages they visit on the website
  • Mediahawk’s interactive voice response (IVR) system filters sales calls from existing customer enquiries so that the business can more effectively identify return on marketing campaigns
  • Call recording is used for performance monitoring of call handlers.

Results: 25% increase in sales conversion rate

The Mediahawk solution was rolled out in November 2016, across all Creditfix’s marketing campaigns (website, Pay Per Click, organic search and outdoor advertising). The results have been instant:

  • Thanks to the smart routing of calls, call waiting times have reduced by 50%
  • There has been a significant reduction in the number of dropped calls
  • Clients have noticed the improved customer experience
  • In addition, call handers no longer need to manually add cases into the CRM system, saving valuable time.

Most significantly, there has been a marked increase in the number of sales that can be attributed to inbound calls, and the inbound call to sales conversion rate has jumped by 25%, providing Creditfix with an instant and significant return on investment.

“Mediahawk has delivered much more clarity to us on marketing spend, instantly. We now understand which campaigns are most effective and have a clearer picture of the customer journey from the website. Most importantly, people calling us are quickly getting through to the right person. When people call Creditfix they are often worried about their financial situation and can even be in significant emotional distress. Reducing the time before they can talk to the right person therefore provides a welcome social benefit at a time of real need.”

Taylor Flynn, Marketing Acquisition Manager, Creditfix

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increase in conversions

Reduced call waiting times
Effective multi-channel response monitoring

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