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Adrian Mullish

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Private Dental Surgery Uses Call Tracking For Staff Training & Marketing Effectiveness.

As a small dental surgery, Adrian Mullish is responsible for running his practice. This means managing his team, running marketing campaigns and attending to his patients.

The challenge

When it came to marketing, Adrian's two biggest challenges were:

  • Monitoring how his customer service team were handling phone calls
  • Discovering which media channels he should target to increase enquiries.

The solution

After being recommended by a fellow dentist recommended us, Adrian got in touch with us for some extra phone numbers to use for his marketing. He wanted to be able to record calls so that he could listen to them and make sure that they were being handled correctly.
He also wanted a solution that would allow him to accurately measure the response his marketing efforts were generating.

The results

"We can now monitor phone calls and keep tabs on what’s going on in the business", said Adrian.

"Before using Mediahawk I couldn't understand how our incoming calls were being dealt with. Now we can train our staff more effectively where needed.
"We can also track to see what response our marketing efforts are getting so we can cut things that don't work and do more of what does."

Adrian added how "incredibly helpful and fast" Mediahawk’s customer service was in helping him get set up with his call tracking campaign.