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Valentine's Day... Is it Just an Excuse for Bare-Faced Commercialism?


Yes its Valentine's day! That special day that you get to show your loved ones exactly what they mean to you.

You usually buy presents for each other, or you go out for dinner. Either way you will probably spend something on Valentines Day. People spend thousands every year on February 14th to make sure that their special someone feels loved and wanted.

But is it really just a day that is commercialised by the marketer as an excuse for promotional activities within our businesses? If there is an opportunity to talk to people, whether they are potential customers or current ones, we should not miss out on this opportunity in communicating with them.

Whether or not Valentines Day is just a day to show your loved ones what they mean to you, or if it is a chance for marketers to promote to their customers, I for one will not be missing out on either opportunity.

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