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Reduce Wasted Marketing Spend with Call Tracking

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£35m spend on financial PPC in 6 months! The top 20 keywords by AdWords spend are listed below.

How much of this was wasted? We can only speculate. Wasted marketing spend has a significant impact on your business growth. Call tracking analytics allows you to bridge the gap between your marketing activity and response.

Accurately understand which of your marketing activities generate valuable leads – and which are draining your budget.

Download: The Financial Marketers Guide to Call Tracking

6 out of 10 adverts aren't seen by your target audience

Digital marketing accounts for around 50% of the UK's total advertising spend. New figures show that up to 60% of digital marketing budget is wasted. This is because marketers find it difficult to connect their investment in digital marketing directly back to commercial outcomes.

Paid search, for example, is an area where costs can quickly spiral out of control. Search terms for finance related keywords dominate ad spending, with over £35 million spent in the first 6 months of 2014.

Top 20 keywords by UK paid search spend chart.


Track, analyse, track again

With more marketers looking to increase PPC spend – and investment in digital advertising overall – with the expectation of driving greater returns, comes a greater need to accurately link digital spend with commercial outcomes.

Testing copy, optimising keywords and placements, creating new landing pages, reviewing your targeting settings and staying on top of all key performance metrics – including inbound phone calls – will help you understand to a greater degree how your marketing campaigns are performing.

Listen to the numbers and don't be afraid to pull the plug on activities and strategies that don't perform.

Conversion and data tracking for financial marketers

For consumers, making intelligent financial decisions is specific and personal – and largely requires professional advice. Phone calls dominate the finance industry. Whether it's a mortgage application, personal loan, pension, savings or investments, inbound phone calls are necessary to win new customers.

Do you know whether your messages are reaching your target audience? Or are they getting lost in a marketing black hole – along with your budget?

Using call tracking technology alongside your existing analytics and reporting allows you to completely understand the true value of your marketing efforts. This enables you to identify waste and divert inefficient marketing spend to areas that are much more effective at driving new clients.

Download: The Financial Marketers Guide to Call Tracking

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