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Advertising Opportunities With Facebook Home


A few weeks ago, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the new app for Android phones, called 'Facebook Home'. This is an app that runs in the background, showing you cover stories on your phone's wallpaper, access to latest status updates and much more.

What could this mean for us marketers? Well, at present, there isn't an advertising platform for the app, but that doesn't mean there won't be — especially as Facebook usually roll out a new platform first, introducing advertising later — and it would make sense for them to do this considering the laser focused targeting that marketers would have access to.

Think about it; Facebook isn't just going to be a siloed feature of the phone anymore. It will have much more user information to access, and it could lead to a lot of real-time marketing opportunities.

Let's say you’re a fan of Costa coffee on Facebook. Using location based targeting, along with the fact that you're an avid fan of Costa, you could receive ads or discounts, in real time, mixed in with your status updates, photos etc. — fitting in nicely with the native content experience we're seeing more and more of lately.

It's hyper-local and hyper-demographic targeted marketing, all presented to a user in real-time. You could imagine a bar, restaurant, retail store, practice or even a b2b businesses taking advantage of this information being given to them by Facebook. There is huge potential here for an extremely targeted and contextual advertising platform.

For the time being, your posts will still reach these users on their cover feed, as they don't have the ability to control what appears here (owing to Facebook's unique EdgeRank). They'll see all their friends' check-ins, photos, and posts from pages they like too.

Keep your eyes peeled for this one, as this could be a sign that targeted advertising is about to evolve even further — especially on the expanding mobile market.

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