Using Optimizely and Call Tracking to Test What Makes Your Phone Ring

Ensuring you have the right page content on your website will increase your visitors to your website. If the content isn’t engaging, they may not be compelled to buy.

Using Optimizely provides you with detailed insight into what content keeps visitors on your website for longer. However, you still need to understand what content generates phone calls into your business.

This is where the Optimizely integration in Mediahawk helps you.

Integrating call tracking with Optimizely

Before doing any setup within Mediahawk, an event will need to be created in Optimizely. To do this follow the steps below:

    1. Log into Optimizely.
    2. Click on your experiment and then in the right hand menu, click ‘Editor’.
    3. In the top right of the screen click the flag icon and then click ‘Create a New Goal’. 
    1. Give the goal a name (e.g. Phone Calls), select ‘Custom events’ in the dropdown and enter a name for the custom event (such as phonecalls). Make a note of the custom event name as this will be needed on Mediahawk.

Once this is done, log into Mediahawk reporting. On the menu on the left hand side, click on ‘Integrate’ and then ‘Optimizely’. There are four steps to the Mediahawk setup:

  1. Turn the Optimizely Integration to active by clicking the ‘Yes’ button.
  2. Enter in the event name. This must be the same as the custom event name that was entered within Optimizely (e.g. phonecalls).
  3. Tick the campaign you wish to track.
  4. Navigate to Vision > Manage Campaigns. Click on the campaign name you want to track in Optimizely. Click on ‘Generate HTML’ and replace step 1 of the Vision Code on your website with this new code.

Report on the effectiveness of your A/B tests

Once this is done, as soon as calls start arriving through the website, you will start to see this data within Optimizely as a goal.

By seeing phone calls next to your experiment and variation data you will start to be able to see what page content is generating phone calls and leads into your business. Knowing this allows you to then optimise your page content for greater engagement, resulting in more leads into your business.

For more information on our Optimizely integration, get in touch.

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