Mediahawk is automatic, systematic, hydromatic… it’s Salesforce Lightning!

I love Grease, so apologies for the bad word play around my favourite song, Greased Lightning. This does have a relevance with the fact that Mediahawk can now integrate with both Salesforce Classic and now Salesforce Lightning. This is an exciting step and if you are a Salesforce user, it should be music to your ears. So, what exactly does Mediahawk integration do?

Assuming you are using a Mediahawk tracking number, this can be linked to your Salesforce instance. This link creates a pop up within Salesforce that appears before your phones even start to ring. This pop up will show you the caller ID and interrogate Salesforce to see if it can recognise a potential caller based on the caller’s phone number.

Salesforce Lightning demo screenshot

When the call appears, it can then be accepted by an agent. Either during the call or afterwards, notes can be added to the call and then accepted. Once this has been done the record is automatically updated into Salesforce. If the call comes from someone that is not recognised by Salesforce, then the agent can create a new lead and contact complete with initial notes.

This is where things start to get very clever. We now have a unique link between Mediahawk and an object within Salesforce. This link allows us to populate over 40 different data points from Mediahawk into Salesforce. With these data points you can then create enhanced reporting to gain a better understanding of marketing ROI.

Examples of the data points that can be incorporated into Salesforce to match with your existing data, apart from the obvious such as call length, time etc include:

  • The web page that the caller got the phone number from
  • Any tags that have been applied
  • First and last click source
  • Media details
  • Last click keyword

Once Mediahawk has been set up to integrate with Salesforce, it will automatically allocate calls into your instance and do much of the grunt work of linking calls to customer records. Literally it provides the grease for you to be more effective.

If you want more intelligence in Salesforce Lightning, don’t forget, Mediahawk is the word!

Got other CRMs? Find out about other integrations on our integrations page, or request a demo to see Mediahawk working with Salesforce.

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