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Learn how to Integrate DoubleClick Search with Mediahawk

Integrate Google DoubleClick and Call Tracking

DoubleClick allows marketers and advertisers to bid on and automatically adjust spend on digital ads across a variety of sources. Typically, you only see online conversions in DoubleClick’s reporting. This means that if the visitor calls you instead of responding digitally, you’re missing a substantial part of your advertising response.

Benefits of integrating DoubleClick with Mediahawk call tracking

Mediahawk’s custom call tracking integration with DoubleClick Search sends offline conversions to Floodlight Activities. The integration enables you to easily:

  • Track inbound calls in near real-time as a Floodlight Activity within DoubleClick.
  • Link calls to a specific visit or keyword generated through a DoubleClick managed ad.
  • Improve conversion rates by automatically adjusting bids for your highest performing ads, keywords, and channels.

Getting started

First, you need to link your DoubleClick account to Mediahawk

  1. In Mediahawk, under 'Integrate', click 'DoubleClick'. You’ll see the following screen. Click the green 'Connect' button:

    DoubleClick integration step one
  2. You’ll then be transferred to Google where you’ll be asked to sign in and approve Mediahawk access to your DoubleClick Search account. Please click 'Allow':

    DoubleClick integration step two
  3. Once complete, you’ll be returned to the following screen to create your Floodlight settings:

    DoubleClick integration step three

Linking a vision Campaign

In Mediahawk, enter the Floodlight Activity Name exactly as it’s found within DoubleClick Search, then click 'Save' to complete the setup.

DoubleClick integration step four

Mediahawk will then begin pushing conversions to your DoubleClick account.

Drive up sales, drive down costs

Including offline conversion data in DoubleClick gives you a complete view into the impact and response of your digital marketing activity. This insight enables you to react quickly to changes within the market, and optimise your marketing investments to increase conversion rates and ROI.

For more details on our DoubleClick integration or other solutions, get in touch.

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