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What Is Twitter Amplify?


Twitter has announced that it is partnering with several different publications and broadcasters, including New York Magazine, VEVO and Discovery, to launch a new program called Twitter Amplify – allowing brands to publish real-time video updates to their fans and followers.

The idea here is to nurture users who tweet while watching TV shows, films and their favourite events such as the superbowl, streaming footage from the what they're watching and tweeting about right inside the tweet itself, thus persuading their followers to also tune in to that particular broadcast.

Thanks to partnerships with big-time broadcasters like ESPN, Twitter are already providing their users with instant replays of football and basketball matches right within their tweets. The potential here is huge, with companies like Sony Pictures and Taco Bell joining the ranks to provide what Twitter are calling 'Rapid Replays'.

It's just the beginning though, with Twitter looking to expand this partnership beyond the sporting realm with broadcasters such as FOX, Fuse and BBC.

These broadcasters could provide their TV content on Twitter's platform while pushing it out to an extended reach with promoted tweets, reminding fans, followers and new prospects alike to tune in to their respective channels to watch their favourite shows.

Could this be a sign that the TV world is finally converting to the ways of digital media? Only time will tell, but with the synonymous launch of a new Twitter card for Lead Generation, the bigger broadcasting companies may finally bow to the ways of inbound marketing.

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