How To Create Outstanding Content Your Audience Will LOVE!

The term ‘content marketing’ is one you’re probably familiar with, as almost everyone has been talking about it for quite some time. All signs point to the fact that content marketing just plain ‘ole fashioned works, and there is significant data to back this up.

With this, though, we’re starting to reach a negative tipping point, as it were, where quantity of content is increasing while the quality of it is plummeting. This could result in our respective audiences putting up a barrier against the barrage of bad content that is heading their way, and with good reason.

Therefore, the brands that create outstanding content on a consistent basis are the ones who will succeed when it comes to driving traffic and acquiring top-of-funnel leads (as well as creating an on-going relationship with those leads).

But what makes content outstanding? Let’s cover some of the building blocks that you can apply to your content strategy, if you’re not already, that will ensure your brand becomes recognised for its awesome content.

Cut out the shallow, “me-too” attitude

Blog posts that share an air of ‘me-tooism’, pointless microsites and short paragraph-sized ideas stretched out into 30 page eBooks are all examples of shallow content that doesn’t really add value to your audience’s business or lives. This is going to affect all of us as the people we’re trying to connect with will raise their barriers again.

Content marketing is supposed to get our prospective customers to lower those barriers for a short amount of time; just long enough to grab their attention and start building some trust and establish our own credibility.

Therefore, we need to start creating content that really helps people. The sort that blows their minds and entertains them all at the same time. Create outstanding content – outstanding because you always aim to over deliver (and succeed at doing so) with bright, entertaining and valuable content.

How to create outstanding content

We know that our content needs to be outstanding; it needs to be intelligent, not arrogant by any means, but not super simplified either. It needs to ooze with our own energy and confidence in a way that entertains and inspires the individual consuming our content.

To do this, start by thinking like your buyer. What is it they need from you? What challenges do they face that you can help guide them through? Start writing with your audience in mind by finding these things out, not just guessing what they could be.

Then begin to create a content marketing strategy, not just a one off silo that fails to connect with other content marketing elements. Guide your audience through a content funnel – start with a blog, then an eBook and then perhaps a webinar that will educate them more about how you can serve them.

Make this strategy stronger by sticking to what you know. Create authority by sticking to your strength’s and creating that sort of content on a continuous basis. Content creation is something that’s done regularly over time, not a one time ‘set and forget’ tactic that may help you gain a few more leads. This isn’t how it works.

If you want to make people care about what you have to talk about, make sure YOU actually care about it first. Your content needs to exude with passion, because people can tell lazy content from the hard, gritty stuff that had a lot of sweat go into it.

Make them come back again and again

If your brand becomes well known for it’s remarkable content then people will always be coming back to consume your stuff again and again. They will share it with their followers, those followers will share it with their respective followers, and on it goes.

Being able to create outstanding content that gets noticed has always been difficult, but today it’s getting even harder. Start to inject all of the elements we talked about above to really raise the bar and connect with your target audience and prospective clients more effectively.

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