5 Ways Google+ Is Important For Your Business

Google+ business pages can have almost endless applications for businesses of all sizes, helping you not just build your brand online, but also to increase efficiency, communicate with customers and improve your advertising spend.

Of course, Google+ has faced its share of criticism because of the apparent lack of activity, making many marketers wonder ‘what is the point?’ of creating an additional social media page for a brand. However, the pros of Google+ far outweigh the cons.

So here’s a look at how you can maximize the potential of Google+ to reach out to your customers, strengthen your brand credibility and make the most of this fast-growing social media channel.

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1. Google + Pages Are Indexed Almost Immediately

This is the most obvious reason to create a Google+ profile page and it clearly means added SEO benefits for your brand. Since it is owned by Google, having a Google+ profile gives you extra perks in how your page gets ranked in the search results. With a Google+ account, you increase the chances of drawing targeted visitors.

In order to make the most of this benefit you can use the ‘+1′ votes to the fullest. Make sure to add a ‘+1′ button to any publications you post online. The more +1s that your posts and pages receive the better it is for you in terms of rankings as it lets Google know that people are reading and sharing your content.

2. You Can Provide Excellent Customer Care

Google+ Hangouts are great places to connect with your customers face-to-face. Like you can on Twitter and Facebook, the hangouts will let you host feedback sessions and invite customer comments on your products and services. You can reach out to your customers all across the world and provide ideal customer service by answering queries, solving problems and engaging in live stream sessions.

3. Your Google+ Profile Can Boost Rankings

In the “About” section of your profile page on Google+ you can offer an introduction to your brand, its services and any products you offer. The content on this page is what shows up on Google search results and therefore it acts as a “meta description” in its own right. A smart way to utilize this feature is to link back from your introduction with some cleverly placed anchor text to different pages of your website. Keep away from keyword stuffing, and you should keep on the good side of Google.

4. You Can Identify Influencers, Add People to Your Circles and Trace Your Influence With Ripples

Google+ has more than 135 million active users and it is rapidly growing. 60 percent of these users log in every day. Think of the potential customers that you could reach out to if you could connect with these users?

You can add more people to your Google+ circles quite easily, simply based on your interests. The more people you add to your circles, the greater the chances that they will follow you back. This means additional eyes on the content that you share, and greater promotion for your brand.

The Ripples tool will also allow you to trace your posts and identify the people who are sharing and re-sharing them most often. You can find out which people among your circles are the major influencers. You can also find out what content your audience finds most valuable and share-worthy. This will help you prepare better content in the future. The tool is visual, easy to use and even provides ways to identify trends and the ‘ripple effect’ your posts have over time.

5. You Can Measure Your Social Efforts

Google Analytics offers Social Reports to help you measure the impact Google+ has on your ROI. This feature-rich tool will show you the conversion rates and allow you to link social metrics to your business goals. You can find out which path visitors take from Google to your site and find out which of your posts are most shared as well as how visitors are engaging with your content.

Google+ offers you great opportunities to establish your authority and further your brand credibility among your audience. With every quality post that you share with your community, a link is created back to your site. And since this is Google, it is almost instantly indexed.

It helps to encourage your employees to create their own profiles on Google+. This can get you started with your first collection of shares and +1 accumulation. And as it seems Google+ isn’t going away anytime soon, this is the best time to make the most of this service and make your business stand out in an otherwise crowded marketplace.

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