3 Shockingly Effective YouTube Marketing Strategies

Video is one of the most effective ways of creating online visibility for your brand and building trust with your customers. The king of all video sharing sites is, of course, YouTube, so this is where you want to concentrate the majority of your resources.

YouTube attracts a massive amount of viewers just by itself. However marketing on YouTube is not just about direct traffic from the site. YouTube videos appear on the first page of Google for many popular search results. Businesses in particular can benefit from YouTube because they are able to target search terms which may be particularly competitive.

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Read on and learn 3 shockingly effective YouTube strategies to increase video views and attract more prospects for your business:

1. Promote Your Video Outside Of YouTube

YouTube has a huge internal audience. In fact its own statistics puts the number of unique visitors to the site at over 1 billion. At the same time it is important to remember that 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. That’s a lot of competition for viewer’s eyeballs.

If you want you video to stand out you need to promote your video outside of YouTube. External promotion of your video will not only by itself increase the number of viewers, it also signals to YouTube that this video is popular and worthy of high search engine rankings.

The fastest way to promote your video is to leverage any social media accounts that you might have. If your business has a Facebook page you should embed the video there. If you company has a blog, write a post about the video and again embed the video. Thirdly you should share the video with any LinkedIn groups that you belong to. Next tweet your video out to your followers. And lastly use Google+ to further increase your promotional efforts.

2. Target the Right Keywords

Keywords are the terms people use when they are searching for something online. Understanding what the keywords for your market are, and then targeting them can make a big difference to the number of qualified prospects who view your video. As a business owner you want people who are actually interested in buying your products or services to watch your video.

The first step is to use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. This free tool will tell you how many people are looking for a particular keyword each month.  To get ideas of keywords you might like to target you need to enter what is called a seed word. This is a word or phrase which best describes your business. For example your keyword might be “London locksmith”. The keyword tool might then provide you with ideas like “emergency London locksmith” or “cheap London locksmith”.

Once you have established the keywords that you are going to use, the next step is to target them with your video. You can do this by adding your keyword to specific parts of your YouTube video. We want to place our keyword in the following places:

  • Title – Place your keyword in the title for your video. This will indicate to both the video viewer and the search engines what the content of your video is about. For example if you were targeting “emergency London locksmith” your video title might be “Where to find an emergency London locksmith”.
  • Description – Write a full length description for your video. Use your description to both describe the contents of the video and as compelling sales copy for your product or service. Also include your keyword within the description at least twice.
  • Tags – Use your keyword, along with variations, in the tags of the video.
  • Dialogue – YouTube is becoming increasingly sophisticated at recognising what is being said in the video. You should try to include you keywords in the actual spoken dialogue of your video. Try to include this keyword at the start of the video as it will also indicate to the viewer that they are about to watch something that will solve their problem.

3. Customise and Promote Your Channel

Your channels’ popularity has a direct impact on the search engine rankings you will achieve for your videos. Customising your channel is also important for projecting a professional image for your company on YouTube. An appealing channel will help to improve your perceived expertise.

The first step should be to enable commenting, friending and subscriptions for your channel. The more your channel is seen as being ‘liked’ by the YouTube community the better your videos will rank. In the ‘about’ section of your channel it is a good idea to include any other web properties that you have a consistent presence on. This might include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Pinterest.

The channel user name and title that you use should closely match that of your actual business name. You also want to keep the graphic layout of your YouTube channel similar to that of your main website. This will allow you to maintain your brand identity across your web properties. It will also decrease your bounce rate when you direct customers from your videos to your website.


If you get a few things right with your YouTube marketing you will have a considerable advantage over most of your competition. Target the right keywords, promote your video outside of YouTube and customize your channel. Do this and you will find that video marketing can be a game changer for your business.

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