Why You Need to Optimise Your Facebook Page for Graph Search

Facebook recently announced an upcoming search feature that will make discovering new businesses, artists and other pages a lot easier. Users have always had an issue with using the search feature, so Facebook are not only improving it, but innovating it entirely.

Where does call tracking come into this? Bear with me, as you’re about to find out.

Graph Search basically allows you to use terms and keywords to find pages, photos and potential connections that your current friends are already connected to. For example, you could do a search for ‘dentist’ or ‘dentist in my home town’ and it would return with relevant results for you to check out and, if you so wish, connect with.

This would work for any business type, page, group or personal profile (providing an individual’s privacy settings were set up to allow it.) This is an incredible act of innovation on Facebook’s part and, as already predicted, they’re taking Google head on.

Most people, when looking for things on Facebook, prefer to browse within the confines of Facebook itself. That’s why so many brands are now implementing their shopping experience and content marketing into their Facebook pages.

To many users, therefore, Facebook is already acting as a web-within-the-web in itself, with many consumers using the platform to make buying decisions and also engaging directly with certain brands for the purpose of customer service.

Couple this monumental user base and unique user behaviour along with the arrival of Graph Search, and you’ve got a recipe that would make even Google quake in their boots. Search is about to change, big time.

So this is where you come in. With Facebook further establishing itself as such a prominent platform, people are going to be using the Graph Search feature to find products and services both locally and nationally.

Facebook pages are about to become web pages in their own right. The Graph Search is going to direct people looking for your products and services to your Facebook page, not your web site. So you need to get your page set up to convert and pull its own weight.

If you rely heavily on the phone, and your target audience tend to prefer speaking directly with another human being due to the nature of what you sell, then you’re going to want to start implementing call tracking within your page as soon as possible.

Our recommendation would be to place it within the ‘About’ section as well as your cover image, as we always recommend having a phone number placed at the top of your web page.

Once you’ve done that it’s just a matter of waiting to see what the shift in search will bring. Many internet marketers have been predicting this for a long time coming now, and if they continue to be right then this will be huge.

Just remember, Facebook and other social media sites are just that – another form of media, and your efforts need to be tracked just like all of your marketing and advertising efforts.

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